What is the value of life

You need to know what’s the value of your life. life gives you only one chance. Don’t waste it to impress anyone. No one can ever be happy with you. You need to understand how much importance of your life is. Let us understand it with an example.

One day, a disciple asks his mentor “Sir, what’s the value of life?” Instead of any answer, the mentor tells him to take this diamond and go to the market to check its price.

The disciple goes to the market. First, he goes to the potato seller.

Potato seller says to the disciple, “take two sacks of potatoes and give me your diamond”. Disciple does not say any word and goes ahead.

Then he goes to the goldsmith.

He says, “I want to check the price of this diamond. How much money will you give me against this diamond?”

Goldsmith says, “I want to buy this Diamond. I’ll give you ten Lac rupees.”

The disciple says, “No, I don’t want to sell this. I just wanted to check the price of this diamond.” The disciple goes ahead.

Then he goes to the jeweler.

He asks, “From where did you find this diamond. I can’t give the price of this diamond. It’s priceless! If you really want to sell this then take this whole shop and give this diamond to me.” He seems confused and runs back to his mentor and tells the whole story to the mentor.

Mentor says, “My dear disciple, do you know the value of your life? It’s doesn’t matter, …Who are you…Where are you from? How much money do you have? It matters, where do you put yourself…

You can sell your life against the two sacks of potatoes or you can sell your life against ten Lac rupees or you can make your life so valuable or priceless that no one can buy you. It’s all up to you. Choice is yours.”

Edited by: Prof Ajmal Dass Jaipal