Digital media parent

Are you a Digital media parent? Tips for Parents in the Digital Age

It will not be useless to entitle this age, the age of smart phone and social media. Without conducting proper research on the pros and cons of these facilities, most of us are availing it and it is raising many challenges. Digital media parent.

As far as parents are concerned, they are the most targeted victims of these challenges.

Digital media parent

Veronica Barrasi, a former professor in the University of London, currently serving at the University of St Gallen Switzerland shares groundbreaking information that our children’s data is being both collected and used by different companies including Google and Facebook etc.

For their kids, the potential harm in using technology by Silicon Valley parents has been identified intensely. That’s why in the beginning of childhood, their children are almost technology free.

 We are living in an age in which our life is crowded with technological gadgets in which laptops, televisions, games and cellphones are leading ones. The use and impact of technology in our life is unavoidable. We love our children and want them to be not only successful but also full of zeal and zest, not to be inactive and sluggish.

So, we shall learn how to deal with technology positively to uplift the standards of life.

Balanced life, Digital media parent

There ought to be a balance between using technological devices and other activities of life. Parents should be the role models for their kids.

There should be a play time and during that time, strictly no gadgets should be used by any one including elders because if elders make an excuse that an important call is to come and it is compulsory to use phone then children will also get the impression that gadget free time is almost impossible.

Give Proper Guidance & Time to Children

When children use devices, they must be guided how to reach healthy content that will savor their life with thrill and beauty which is the essence of human life.

The reality is that when our life is flooded with positivist and optimism, then chances of going towards negativity are minimized to a great extent. Here comes a crucial factor regarding parental obligation when they say that they are rather busy in their daily routines and have no spare time for their kids to see them doing their activities with technological gadgets.

Parents must understand that children are the most important assets of their life and definitely they need same care and attention as is given to saplings while growing in their initial phase of life.

Assess the Quality of your Child’ Screen Time

During my research on sexting, I came across an interview which expressed that she first time engaged in the activity of sexting when unintentionally she came across a porn video on internet. Later on, it became her habit watching such type of material and she could not control herself doing that activity again and again. Later on, she started sexting to satiate her craving for sex.

If she had some timely guidance from parents or caregivers, surely, it wouldn’t have happened with her.

Unluckily, this is not the story of a single girl, rather millions of our youngsters become the victims of this ailment. This is mostly happening in the current age of internet and technology and our generation is enmeshing in the net which is horrible for a sensible person to see all this happening.

The solution of this grim issue is to spend quality time with kids. Whatever application their children want to use on their device, let them allow before watching personally all the details of that particular app. By doing so, you would be able to know the educations of that app because every app is subconsciously teaching some lessons of life to the children.

If you are conscious to teach the best things, spare time to assess things, make it mandatory and get fruitful result. Otherwise be ready to face the consequences.

Health Issues, Digital media parent

Undue use of technology will decrease physical activity in children’s life because they prefer using mobile gaming than outdoor games. Physical exercise is of vital importance to regulate the body physically and emotionally because of the release of hormones.

During the past few years, obesity rates in children have risen to a considerable limit.  In 1980, the obesity rate was 7 percent but in 2012, it was increased up to 18 percent which is drastic.

These challenges can only be tackled by promoting proper physical exercise and outdoor games among children.

Blue Light of Screen and Your Health

when children use screen of computer or smart phone , blue light emits which hinders the production of melanin that brings about the circadian rhythm of the body.

This rhythm which is natural, is of vital importance for the rest and ease of the body. When a body is not resting properly, not only stress level but also aging factor increases because body restores and regenerates its damaged cells during sleeping.

Normally, parents and elders in the family use gadgets not only before sleeping but also after getting up in the morning which disturbs their natural melanin production. Imitating their elders, children also do the same things. The following chart from illustrates it in an effective way.

Blue Light of Screen and Your Health

If it is compulsory to spend more time on screen, install a blue light blocking screen protector which minimizes the effect of blue light. You can also use amber glasses for safety purposes.

Teenagers’ Behavior

Teenagers’ Behavior, Technology and Future

Some teenagers currently and others in the years to come would be spending time in their rooms chatting with their social media friends in which mostly would be unknown to them.

People living under the same roof will be rarely meeting and communicating with one another and the moments during which they will be together, will not be enjoying each other’s company.

In their respective minds, they will be spending time with their online friends. Ironically, they will not enjoy outdoor activities because they will be very busy in playing online games and communicating with social media friends.

In this context, they will be safer as compared to the previous generations but this price for safety is very high.

Kids and children will not be happy because of over using these gadgets and their contact with the physical, real and outer world will be mitigated to much extent which is very painful for a sensible person.

technology and Future

If the youngsters mostly are physically at one place, mentally and emotionally they are at other spots depending on the number of social media apps in their cell phones. This state of mind will be in the worst state in the following years to come.

It is pathetic that on the first night of their marriage, they might be busy with their social media friends forgetting totally about the person sitting opposite to him or her. May God make it exaggeration only, not a reality because our future generations are at stake. Digital media parent.

If we talk about suicide rate and depression, these are on the peak in this age of smart phone and social media.

The overuse of smart phones and uncountable social media platforms has created the situation of the worst earthquake ever seen by man. This is the paradox that the platforms of social media and smart phones are being used for happiness and connectivity but these are making our successors seriously unhappy and disconnected.

The solution of these horrifying problems lies in the sensible use of these gadgets by the mature and older persons in the families and communities. Children are the best imitators and imitate what they see. So, parents and caregivers are of key importance in this regard and can make the world a better place to live happily by showing responsible behavior.

By Ajmal Dass Jaipal