Falcon Computer Academy: Best Academy for IELTS at RYK

Falcon Computer Academy: Best Academy for IELTS at RYK

Rahim Yar Khan has become the main hub of education for the students of South Punjab, Balochistan and District Ghotki and Sukkur. To satiate the thirst of education, different schools, colleges, universities and academies are performing their role. Among different academies, the services offered by Falcon Computer Academy in the field of computer and the…

English Grammar Courses for Professionals

English Grammar Courses: Grammar is the backbone of any language. English grammar is essential for every teacher in the current scenario because it is the language of science and technology. To improve this skill, we have devised a comprehensive course on English grammar. This course can be tailored also on the demand of the institutions….

Emotional Intelligence Training for Teachers

Emotional Intelligence Training: According to international research, Effective teaching based on Emotional Intelligence and students’ achievements are highly connected. In this era of technology, every institution is facing challenges regarding the attitude of teachers with the students and class handling. Sometimes equipped teachers having ample knowledge and skills don’t perform well just because of the…

Parents Active

We are running a blog Parentsactive.com on effective parenting and the main purpose of this blog is to share classical and latest ideas with the parents. We are covering different topics on family and parental issues and challenges. English Language Courses and Training. Parentsactive.com also deals with effective parenting videos.

English Language Courses for Teachers (Can be customized on DEMAND)

English Language Courses for Teachers. Basic skills for teaching English are listening, speaking, reading and writing. These days, for English teachers, speaking and writing skills are highly demanded by excellent education systems. Keeping this in mind, we offer customize training workshops for institutions with affordable packages from one day to one month at their desired…

Spoken English Courses and Training

  Spoken English Language Courses and Training. For students, this course offers activity based module to improve not only speaking skills but also presentation skills, communication skills and soft skills. In this course, focus is on syntactic structures, fluency, word stress and sentence stress, pronunciation, active vocabulary and life skills. It provides an excellent opportunity…

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