Time management Techniques

Time is life and there is no substitute for life, so there is no substitute for time. Learning time management techniques is learning life management and everybody wants to achieve this goal.

In any case we cannot bring back the moments that have passed, the arrows that have come out of the bow, the words that have come out of the tongue and the moments that have passed through life.

Time management Techniques

How to Manage Time Effectively

Friends! There are many time management techniques to manage time effectively in which 4-D formula is extremely useful.

What is this 4-D formula?

 So, let us try to understand 4-D formula for time management.

The first D is Do, which means you have to see what you have to do right now. For example, if you are in the office and your customer is in your office, it should be your priority to deal with her. In the presence of customers, if a businessman is busy in texting with his friends, he ought to set his preferences for time management.

You yourself can take so many examples from daily life. At home, family members are talking with you but you are busy in dealing with social media friends. While eating, you must concentrate on eating food but some are found busy in replying messages on cell phones also.

In the end, we can say that focusing on the main assigned task is the essence of the first D which means to do which is the most important task at the present circumstances.

The second D is Delegate, which means you can get help from others for the work you can do. For example, to save time, your family may wash and iron your clothes if they have spare time. So, you can save your time and use it for other useful work.

Delegation of work and responsibilities is the core quality of leaders. The leaders, expert in delegating work, are considered great leaders. So, learn how to delegate and upgrade your time in an effective way.

The third D is Delay which means that the task may be important but not urgent. We can also do it with delay, such as submitting electricity bill and calling to a friend etc. If the bill submission date remains, it can be delayed, but not to the customers sitting in the office for some important and urgent piece of business.

The fourth and last D is Delete

 Friends! If you want to progress in life, you have to delete some things in life. For example, if you enjoy watching a lot of TV, you will be engrossed in the world of TV and will not be able to focus on creative work. If you are in the habit of spending a lot of time on social media, then you have to get rid of this habit by pressing the Delete button.

I sincerely hope that by using the 4-D formula, you will be able to make revolutionary changes using time management techniques.

Value of Time, Success and Time Management Techniques

People say; don’t waste time, time is very precious. I say; don’t waste time, time is life, and life is invaluable. It’s like as we can’t bring a dead person back to life, in the same way, we can’t bring back a moment.

As you can’t stop the flowing water, you can give it a certain direction. In the same way, you can use the flow of time in positive and creative works. It is the clear justice of nature that it gives every human being 86,400 seconds in a day. Now it is the will of man to waste those precious moments or to use them.

Value of Time, Success and Time Management Techniques

Friends! Your journey of life is measured in years but years also begin with micro seconds.

Value of One Year and Time Management Techniques

It is said that if you want to assess the importance of the year, ask the student who did not pass the exams at the end of the year and the rest of his friends passed to the next class.

Value of One Month

Ask from an employee about the importance of one month. He hopes to receive his salary at the end of the month and has the planning to buy children’s uniforms and accessories and pay fee. But at the end of the month, if he does not receive salary, how he will manage for the rest of his month. He can tell you the value of one month.

Value of One Day and Time management Techniques

Ask a worker about the usefulness of a day who stays at crossroads all day in the hope to earn some money. But if the laborer does not have to go through the excruciating pain of waiting from morning to evening, and in the evening, he does not even have that bread he has brought from home, the laborer will tell you how much a day of life is worth.

Value of One Hour and Time management Techniques

If you don’t appreciate the importance of the hour, then never wait for someone for an hour, you will feel that one hour has become longer than centuries.

Value of One Minute

Is a minute important?

Yes! There is also a minute, or so when you arrive at the station on the run, you find that the car has already left the station a minute ago and now all your schedule will be disturbed.

Value of One Second and Time management Techniques

Even a second can play a very important role in your life. It was college time when I was in a hurry, I had to get somewhere, I was crossing the road when suddenly a speeding car appeared and I ran to my side. Then I realized, how decisive a second can be in your life.

Value of One Micro Second and Time management Techniques

This is not the end of the story; microseconds are also of great importance to change the history of the world.

How is that?

They are such that when there is a world competition in athletics, the world champions in the race often win the first position by the difference of micro seconds.

Friends! If we want to be successful, we have to value microseconds, because centuries are made up of microseconds.

Time Management Techniques Quotes

  • Time is a wealth that every human being has equal and he should not waste this wealth. (Albert Einstein)
  • It is not enough to be busy. The question is what are we busy about? (Henry David Thoreau)
  • Watch the clock and let him do his work. Keep up the good work. (Sam Levenson)
  • Until we manage time, we can manage nothing else. (Peter Drucker)

Give time to time management

Time will change itself when the time comes

If you don’t give time to time management

When the time comes, time will crush you (Ajmal Dass Jaipal)