Find your Purpose and Passion

How to Find your Purpose and Passion in life

How to Find your Purpose and Passion in life.

It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. But it is important that where you are going.

(Brian Tracy)

This beautiful cosmos is jam-packed with blessings of God and man has been given the power to use it in different scenarios.

Every person wants to leave an impression in this universe before leaving it but this is possible only by finding her passion and then converting it into profession because it frees a man from weariness and ennui. Find your Purpose and Passion.

Sometimes finding passion can take a long period because for getting success, we usually have to assimilate it with the current market situation.

In other words, people need solution of their problems and if it 20 is linked with your passion and profession, success is sure to come sooner or later.

If you have the spirit of service and overhaul in your heart, you will find the purpose of your life. First of all you have to know your natural God gifted abilities. When the natural talents are known, add to it the enthusiasm that works.

At the same time, ask your conscience whether doing any

definite thing will be beneficial or detrimental to the world. If your work puts a smile on people’s hazy faces and starts coloring people’s lives, then understand that this is the right direction.

Find your Purpose and Passion

As Alfred Nobel one day was reading a newspaper that said, “The merchant of Death who made dynamite (used in bomb making) and pushed the world into the well of death, has died today.”

Alfred Nobel

This news was mistakenly printed because he was alive. After reading this news, he became very distraught because this news was about him and he was alive.

But he was deeply saddened when he thought that after his decease he would be recollected as the merchant of death.

That moment was a life-changing moment for him and he decided to change his identity. He used all his resources for world peace and started the Nobel Prize that is given to those who work for the peace and betterment of this world.

Through this small happening, Alfred Nobel was able to find navigate his way. Find your Purpose and Passion.

The same thing happened with of Bangladesh. When he returned from the United States with his doctorate degree in Economics, he began teaching at a university in 1974, when Bangladesh was hit by a famine.

dr muhammad yunus

The disaster was devastating. Mohammad Yunus while teaching the modern ideas inside the university thought about the distressing situation of the country.

What is the advantage of modern theories of Economics if I cannot change the overwhelming situation of my fellow sufferers?

One day, in his new car, when he left the university after teaching his classes, he was very upset to see every doomsday scene and would think in his heart that what is the use of our modern philosophies when we cannot find a solution to the plight of our country’s famine-stricken people?

One day as he was leaving the university, he turned his car towards a nearby village where he saw an old woman making a bamboo chair.

Muhammad Yunus asked her how much money she got from it. She said, “I get paid the few pennies for working all day long.”

Actually, I don’t have money to buy bamboo. So I go to a shopkeeper, he gives me bamboo wood; I bring that wood home and work all day long.

I make it and sell it to the same shopkeeper in the evening, he does not give me the full amount and exploits me in this way, she said. If I sell this to another shopkeeper I will get more money but I don’t have money to start my own business.

Muhammad Yunus asked how much money you want to start your work. He gave a very shocking answer. For 25 rupees (US 0.25) I can start my own business and sell my bamboo stalks to any shopkeeper for more profit.

Dr. Yunus was very upset, and further investigation revealed that there were more and more beleaguered houses in the town and that all of them were indebted to the exploiters.

When the whole debt was calculated, he was even more surprised and worried that the whole village could be freed from the trouble of debt with only twenty-seven dollars.

He had thirty dollars at that time, kept three dollars in his pocket and with the remaining twenty-seven dollars; he freed the villagers from debt.

He went to his friend at a nearby bank and asked him to lend to the villagers so that they could run their own businesses. “We can’t do that because they are very poor people and have no property or assets to guarantee,” he said.

Dr Mohammad Yunus was of the view that loans should be given to women as women are responsible for the household and their wisdom is far superior to those of the world’s great economists.

On the continuous refusal of the bankers, Dr. Younis gave his surety and got the loan for the villagers. All the villagers within the stipulated time returned that loan.

 The villagers repeatedly repaid the loan and  Dr Yunus was happy, but the bank officials said that if you increase the number of villages for loan, they will cuckold you.

Dr. Younis lent money to the two villages and they also refunded the loan. Then the loan was given in five villages, then fifty and finally in one hundred settlements and they also reimbursed it without any rumpus.

But the people of the bank still were not ready to take the risk because they are trained in such a way that the poor who have no assets are not credible. Find your Purpose and Passion.

Dr younus thought that it would be better for some like-minded people to form their own bank than to expend energy on persuading the bankers. That’s how he founded Grameen Bank.

Based on “trust”, the government of Bangladesh in 1983 also praised the services of Grameen Bank. The bank provides very small loans to the poor and the loan is repaid in small installments on a weekly basis. Beggars have also started businesses with these loans.

Approximately, 25 million Bangladeshis have embarked on a prosperous highway through this bank. ا

The bank has more than 12,00 branches and more than 12,000 employees. Dr. Yunus also received the Nobel Prize in 2006 in recognition of his services.

From the story of Dr. Younes, we can learn that even if a single man enters in the field of action with firm conviction can uproot poverty and pave new paths of progress and prosperity.

The second message we get from this story is that at any point of time we can find the purpose of life and start serving any single aspect of society.