5 Ways to Reduce Siblings’ Rivalry

Ways to Reduce Siblings' Rivalry
Ways to Reduce Siblings’ Rivalry

If you are a parent, you know that siblings’ rivalry is usually observed among all the children and totally natural as children always compete with each other for basic needs and resources. Children having siblings compete with their siblings which mostly end up in the fighting. Siblings’ relationship is very close and strong which can be affected by these little fights. It is very important to make them care for each other because it can cause children to hold grudge and hatred for each other in the long run. After conducting thorough research, i have found the following 5 ways to reduce siblings’ rivalry.

let’s start.

Avoid Comparisons, Ways to Reduce Siblings’ Rivalry

Parents having more than one child need to give more attention to their children. Children are more likely to fight with each other if parents start to give more attention to one child than others. It is very important to give equal attention to all their kids.

Always give them the same type of gifts, equal and undivided care, and love, so they should not feel left out.

Understand Feelings

Parents need to make their children understand the feelings of their fellow siblings as they have a very important and beautiful relation. Children will misbehave and will not show affection to their siblings if they don’t understand each other. It can also make the relationship weak resulting in fights and rivalry between them.

Teach them to Compromise

Compromise and patience are also of vital importance in family matters. Parents need to teach their children to compromise in different scenarios and have patience. Lack of compromise and patience also causes fighting between siblings as siblings are always competing with each other. Older siblings always need to show more patience and have to compromise more for their younger siblings as they normally have more sensibility and experience in life. 

Research also proves that Youngers imitate elders; so elders responsibly should give proper things to imitate.

Make Rules, Ways to Reduce Siblings’ Rivalry

Parents can make rules at home to have discipline and it can also be very helpful in controlling their children from fighting with each other. As all children will be given equal time for playing and all other things which can cause a fight between them. Parents can also punish them if necessary for fighting with each other or breaking the rules; it will keep them harmonized.

Family Gathering, Ways to Reduce Siblings’ Rivalry

Family gathering and fun time together are also very important as children get to talk and have fun with each other. These help children interact with each other which can be very effective in solving problems among themselves. Parents can also give their children little activities which can be possible in teamwork. This can be helpful in making them understand each other and work together.

By Ajmal Dass Jaipal