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Top 10 Parenting Tips- How to be a Good Parent

Reading this article, “Top 10 Parenting Tips-How to be a good Parent”, proves that you are on the way of becoming effective parent.  I am happy to see you trying to improve your parenting style and struggling to learn different parenting tips. “How to be a good parent” is the essence of effective parenting and after a thorough research, top 10 parenting tips have been found by our research team.

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Top 10 Parenting Tips Checklist

  • Define your Goal of Raising your Child
  • What you Focus on, Increases
  • Be Accessible for your Children
  • Help your Child Polish Innate Genius
  • Give Real Love to Your Children and Show it
  • Improve yourself before your Child
  • Be a Role Model for your Child
  • Spend Quality Time with Children
  • Practice Firm and Kind Positive Parenting
  • Spanking vs. Positive Parenting Tips

So, let’s start.

Define your Goal of Raising your Child

Do you know the goal of raising your child?

Read the following questions and as18sess your goal of raising your child

  • Do you want your child to be happy?
  • Do you want your child to be compassionate and caring?
  • Do you want your child to be successful in school and co-curricular activities?
  • Do you want your child to be responsible?
  • Do you want your child to be independent to take responsible decisions?
  • Do you want your child to keep and maintain respectful and healthy relationships?

As a parent, you have the keen desire to see all these qualities in your child. But, how much time do you spend to inculcate these qualities to your child.

“The Whole Brain Child by Siegel and Bryson” is one of the best books on positive parenting tips. This book tells us the main difference between surviving and thriving. You want your children to thrive but actually you are most of the time working on survival strategy.

Keep one most important thing in your mind that every moment in your child’s life is making her or breaking her. If you are angry, find some positive way to convert it into a brain shaping instant.

How can you do this?

By reframing positively every segment of your life, you can do this. When your child does some tantrums, you have the option to use it as a brain building block or misuse it and convert that moment into negative memory.

What you Focus on, Increases

Esther Jno- Charles’ saying “Whatever you focus on, expands” is not only mind blowing but also guiding line regarding effective parenting. We as human beings are a beautiful combination of strengths and weaknesses. Same is the case with our kids.

The crux of a Chinese parable is that if you start criticizing a tree for some days, it will start dying slowly. Contrary to that, praise will bear fruitful results in the form of more beauty and greenery.

Do you remember your childhood?

How did you feel when someone criticized you?

Was it healthy experience?

The answer surely is “No”.

Dear parents, focus on the qualities that your child has, because God has blessed everyone with something special. Help your child find those qualities in her own personality and polish them by applying different techniques. This single most quality does have the power to transform your child’s life to an unimaginable extent.

During a training session, our business partner, Masood Mujahid, a glowing name in the Parental Training industry of Pakistan, was talking about parenting tips. He said that there are two types of parents: the first type is “Fly parents” and the second one is “Honey bee parents”.

The characteristic of fly is to sit on the wound but honey bee always finds some flowers to sit in. Be a honey parent that finds some good qualities in your child. If you say, your child does not have any mentionable quality; fault is yours, not of your child because you are not able to find any quality in your child.

As I have already mentioned that every person is the combination of good and bad. Same is the case with your child also. So do effort to apply that parenting tip, find the good qualities and then keep on appreciating with optimism and consistency by using common sense also.

Be a honey bee parent, get extra ordinary results from your child and enjoy your journey of parenting.

This parenting tip has the potential to shift your parenting journey at 180 degree.

Be Accessible for your Children

You know Pablo Picasso as a great painter but you don’t know the attitude of that renowned personality with his son. Picasso’s relation with his son was not good rather his son had to wait for a long time on the door of his father’s painting room to meet his strict father. Because of father’s harshness, the son went in depression and psychological disorder and spent a miserable life.

Being a painter, he achieved fabulous success, but as a father, he was a total failure just because of his inaccessibility and negative attitude.

We should learn from the mistakes of others and improve ourselves to be effective parents. Our children should feel free to talk about different issues including sex and some other latest topics because if we shall not be available to guide them then they may depend on internet or some of their close friends. These sources are not reliable because they can both guide and misguide them.

Dear parents don’t leave your children on the fluke or mischance and guide them properly.

This third parenting tip, be accessible for your child, is of great importance for those parents who are reluctant to build frank relationship with their children.

Help your Child Polish Innate Genius

Everyone is born genius, but our education system and we as parents are unknowingly struggling to snatch that uniqueness and individuality.

This claim of mine does not seem appealing but do struggle to absorb this harsh reality.

If a child wants to be a scientist and parents want him to be a physician, that is the point where she needs sincere and right kind of coaching to explore innate genius which is God gifted and she just needs to polish it.

God has bestowed some qualities to every child but sometimes, due to comparisons, she selects wrong track and remains unsuccessful and unsatisfied. Help your child find her true potential and she would do wonders.

You can observe your child from the childhood and apply 9 types of intelligence by Gardiner to assess your child’s intelligence type. This parenting tip will be helpful to navigate18 your child’s future to a great extent.

Give Real Love to Your Children and Show it also

It is the basic right of every child to be loved in the true sense by the parents. You might be thinking that every parent loves her children in the true sense.

But, unfortunately, in most cases, it is not true.

Some parents, unknowingly, prove a big harm for their children than their enemies.

Let us try to understand it calmly and properly.

Some people having orthodoxical ideas say that overdue love spoils the character of the children. But the reality is that in the name of love, they provide material things like costly toys, show lenient behavior, give over protection and set low expectations regarding their children’s responsibility.

The activities you can do to show real love to the children are to hug them, listen to them calmly and be responsive by using effective communication tools. Children need to be dealt attentively and properly. When your children enjoy with you and feel happiness, oxytocin is released in the body which gives a sense of peace and tranquility.

Love your children in an unconditional way by applying this parenting tip and you will contribute a worthy person to the universe.

Improve yourself before your Child

Research has proved that parenting is quite a challenging task. Even, after bringing up two children, parents, mostly, are not sure about best parenting tips. For being a good parent, you need to keep on learning different parenting tips and tricks.

Sometimes, you, as parents, have a false belief that you know each and every aspect of good parenting. I also had that mistaken belief about parenting.

But, when I read a book, “Five Regrets of Dying People”, I literally wept bitterly because of one point that we waste our precious time in earning a lot of money for our children but don’t spend proper time with our family and children.

When we are about to die, we have that regret of not enjoying with our children. When they are grown up and we are old, we have tons of hours to spend with our children but now they have no time to spend with us. This dilemma of so called busy schedule is increasing by leaps and bounds in the 21st century.

Dear parents, the essence of this parenting tip, “improve yourself before your child”, lies in admitting a fact that our knowledge regarding effective parenting is not 100 percent. We as parents have some lacking and we know about it.

This attitude will help us being a good parent and before improving children, our concentration will be self-improvement. As it is said that best gift that you can give to the universe is self-improvement.

Your child copies you. When you yourself are doing effort to improve, your child, doubtlessly, will improve her by following you. Use that parenting tip in your parenting journey and find extra ordinary results.

Be a Role Model for your Child & Parenting Tips

Tom McCallum says that “be the type of person you want to meet.” If you want your child to be honest in dealings, you yourself should be honest. If you want your children to be respectful, starting giving proper respect to them because children are the greatest imitators, so let them good examples for imitation.

I personally have observed that children’s parents don’t have fair dealings with their brothers and sisters but they expect fairness from their kids regarding their siblings. When children ask about their parents’ misbehavior with their own siblings, they try to justify their rude behavior with different logics which cannot convince their children because their thinking is innocent and universal, not hypocrite.

This is the only way to keep them on the right path of life, so you should start changing yourself from now on.

Spend Quality Time with Children

Mostly it has been experienced that people are so much conscious about time management regarding their businesses and friends but as far as family and especially children are concerned, they don’t bother to spend quality time with them. Nothing can compensate quality time.

Quality Time with Children

Kids particularly are not careful about their dresses and other tangible things, only parents are because of the pretentious nature of the world. Parents are more careful outwardly but children’s happiness is not mostly concerned with these things. In fact, their happiness is at extreme level when their parents especially father spend full-fledged time with them.

Can you imagine such a pathetic situation when you will be old and lying on death bed but your children will be busy in their own busy schedules? A famous maxim as you sow so shall you reap is applicable on all human beings and we are not exempted from this.

Dear parents, we claim that children are our greatest asset and we are doing everything for them but unluckily, we are not ready to be convinced to enjoy quality time with our kids.

Don’t think a lot.

Just schedule your time from today and save your child’s future from destruction.

Practice Firm and Kind Positive Parenting

Dear parents and caregivers, definitely, you are enjoying these top parenting tips and I discuss the next tip that is firm and kind positive parenting.

At the time of birth, 100 billion neurons are loose in the brain of a child ready to be connected. Ratio of making connections is speedy during the first six years of childhood. If you are well aware of these facts, your child will be extremely a wonderful personality.

If you as parents are able to provide positive experiences to your child, she will have positive connections of neurons and these will ultimately shape his positive personality, move his actions in a positive direction and build her emotional intelligence.

Contrary to that, if you are not able to offer such beautiful experiences to your child and she has negative experiences, she will not grow to a considerable extent. She can also grow into a negative personality.

Spanking vs. Positive Parenting Tips

Spanking children can never ever be a part of positive parenting. Some parents may use spanking just to get a task done by her child but it infuses fear in the mind of the child.

Research has proved that the child, who is brought up in the spanking environment, is prone to bullies, both physical and verbal aggression, anti-social behavior, health challenges, abuses, violence and many other problems of life.

To overcome this challenge, positive reinforcement and positive discipline techniques are of great importance.

In a Nutshell

We have gone through different positive parenting tips and by understanding, absorbing and applying these tips, we can make our journey of positive parenting healthy, rejuvenating, memorable and lively. By rejecting the survival policy of parenting, we are now ready to act on thriving policy which will bear sweet fruits.

We are hopeful for your happy and positive parenting during this beautiful journey of parenting. We are also hopeful that these positive parenting tips will help as guiding stars and illuminate your path of positive parenting.

By Ajmal Dass Jaipal