According to a Chinese proverb, team means together, everyone, achieves more which means that work with people and achieve extra ordinary success which is not just for team head but for every team member.

working together, every one contributes according to his potential and takes share accordingly.

Working on win -win approach is the basis of team because all work together for a mutual cause. Team building needs open mindedness and positivity and we have been blessed with this essence of team by the grace of God Almighty.

Now, let us understand the crew building skills to start.

Team building skills

Team building needs some skills to start and maintain a lineup. Following lineup building skills will help you a lot to build and uplift your team.


Effective communication plays the role of backbone of in building crew. Success of a crew depends on the effective communication within and outside the crew with other lineups and organizations.

Being a team leader, I have developed the listening skills up to a significant level and you can also refine your skills by following listening skills which is in detailed form written by me.

Along with this, to understand and get clues from the body language of team members is of core value for a team leader and I, most of the time, can guess well the untold things of my team members.

According to eastern philosophy, when rights are not given, then demanded, and it spoils team, sometimes, to an irreparable extent.

Problem solving

While working in team, two types of problems arise: problems related to the unified and common goals of the team and some interpersonal problems may also arise which hinder smooth working.

When the problems emerge during working, some people focus of problems, while others on the solutions of those problems. As a leader, I adopt the second strategy to find the solutions.

As a leader, I suggest you to pay heed to the resolutions because this is the only way to sharpen your leadership skills.


Flexibility is the sign of life while rigidity is the sign of death. Everyone in the team has some unique and different qualities from his fellows which may create some problems. In this situation, it is the company leader who mediates the things in the best possible way.

People having life are usually flexible; only died are rigid.


Positive feedback regarding the productivity and working of staff members is the quality of a great leader because in his company, everyone feels elevated and charged. The main thing is that no one feels inferior in the company of great leaders.

I adopt the same strategy with my crew to make them feel better about themselves and me. Apply the lineup building skill to uplift your staff members and you will find very encouraging results.

Benefits of team building

The main benefit of team building is win- win approach because everyone works for common goals to achieve. Sports games are great sources to learn the benefits of crew. For example, during a football match, every player is playing his positive role to lead the crew to win. Taking the example of cricket, each runs leads the lineup to victory and vice versa.

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