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I am Ajmal Dass Jaipal, working to make parenting a more meaningful and responsible task in the minds of parents of this beautiful world which, I believe, can be more beautiful by effective and positive parenting. I am the father of four children whom my life partner and I love from the core of our heart and we both are the students of effective and positive parenting. Articles

I also suggest you to be the learner of effective parenting because this process of learning has the magical power to develop your skills of effective parenting. I also praise you because you ultimately have accepted parenting as a subject of importance and have taken serious consideration about parenting

 I am also serving as an Assistant Professor of English in Grade 18 in government sector. My Passion is writing articles and books on parenting and life skills. Being the parent of four children, three sons and one daughter, I am enjoying my parenting journey. It is my belief that parenting time and journey is the best phase of a person’s life.

Articles on Site
Articles on Site

Through these articles and books, I want to share one thing with the world that you should learn to enjoy every moment of your life especially parenting moments.

In parenting, I am trying to cover every area of parenting especially discipline and relationship.

Sexting and screen use in teens are some of the latest topics of parenting that I have tried to cover. I have done research and made definitive guides on different other parenting topics such as like effective parenting tips, bad parenting traits, digital media parents, 5 ways to reduce siblings’ rivalry, 7 ways to raise successful kids, spanking and childhood etc.

Sexting is about the use of text message to send naked or semi naked or nude pictures or videos to some other friend by using internet. What the consequences of this sexting are, have been discussed in depth and it will prove a definitive guide on avoiding sexting for teens and protecting children for parents especially.

In my article, “ways to reduce siblings’ rivalry”, I have discussed in detail about this issue which is painful for every parent. You as parents want your children to live peacefully without any fighting. But keep in mind some techniques and ways to handle this issue.


How to manage relation with children is also a great topic for learning because if parents have all the luxuries of life but their relationship with their kids is not up to the mark then everything seems tasteless according to my experience of parenting. Read such other related articles and refine your ways of parenting.

We are working as a team in which Mr Kewal vijay, PM Jee (Peeru Jee), Lukhmeer Balach, Gopal Dass Goyel, Joshua Shalim, Mumtaz Hussain, Pareetam Dass Jaipal and Bhagwan Dass are of key importance.

As far as soft skills and life skills are concerned, I am interested to share my learning and ideas with the people regarding soft or life skills. How to set goals and achieve them, time management techniques, importance of time in success, positive thinking and positive attitude are some of the key areas of soft/life skills that we are writing on.

I am an English language trainer and teacher along with writer. I know how to teach in an engaging way by applying the modern methods of teaching and training.

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