How to teach your child in different areas of life is more a psychological game than just infusing some information in the mind of your child. It would be better to use coaching and mentoring your as compared to teaching because teaching sometimes is considered a complicated phenomenon. But here in this article, we shall use the term, “teaching your child”.

What to teach and how to teach your child are challenging questions of this present era full of modern innovations where to prioritize things has become an uphill task.

Teach your child good habits and moral codes that make her mentally, spiritually and morally good. Adopting moral values, she gains key to success which helps her attaining reverence and distinction in the society. Your child’s success in gaining integrity in society provides you real delight and it is your dream as a parent that your child ought to obtain this position in the world.

Normally parents

So, it is good idea to teach your child ethical principles or beliefs and I hope, you will do this in first priority.  I love to be praised and you too love to be praised because everyone loves to be praised. To fulfill your dream it is golden chance for you to teach your child ethics that save her from many troubles.

Normally parents think that they are caring about the physical development of their child and don’t teach the child moral values. They are providing their kid necessary things they need like edible things, clothing, shoes etc. and, consider that it is enough for their child. Later, they get their child admitted in school and think that they have fulfilled their responsibilities regarding their child.

As you are sensible parent, it is not enough for your child because the most important thing is lacking, which is morality, that counts a lot in the society to become a great human being. So, teach your child moral values because it is your moral duty which generates respect and spirituality in your child.

Benefits of teaching moral values to your child

To your child, if you teach moral values as early as possible, it would have positive impact on your child and she will be able to gain ideality. She will bring positive changes in her character and will be entitled as good citizen. The esteem of your family will be improved and you as well as your child shall become productive member of humanity.

Some important instructions to teach your child

teaching moral values

Before teaching moral values, you must follow these instructions:

  • You should teach these moral values to your child at a young age so that it may become a part of her personality as she grows. Because it is the nature of the child that she learns quickly at young age.
  • Whatever you want to preach to your child, do practice yourself those good principles because the child learns from the people who are around her. You yourself must be the role model of moral values in order to teach them to your child.
  • It is good thing to reward your child on her good behavior in a systematic way that will urge her to show good behavior again and again to win rewards by adopting moral values in her life.
  • You should communicate with your child in an effective way, every day to teach your child how these moral values work in every day life.

Now, we are to discuss the moral values that you should teach to your child.

List of moral values to teach your child

Teach your child sincerity

Sincerity is a kind of honesty which is considered the best policy and it is an admitted truth that every one wants sincerity. It is your obligation to teach your child honesty and sincerity because honest and sincere person is well-regarded and admired. Encourage your child to be sincere and honest. If you triumph in teaching this moral value to your child, he will enjoy respect and happiness in practical life.


As responsible parent, you must teach your child that everyone justifies reverence, irrespective of age or societal standing. Reverence performs a key role in your child’s conduct among visitors and elders. You must inculcate this quality in your child by being role model of respect and reverence. It is known to all that everybody wants to be respected and I hope your child will love to show respect to others which will help her win their hearts.

Importance of her near and dear ones

You should teach your child sense and value of near and dear one, and she must recognize her family members. All the family members must shower love and respect so that she may start loving and respecting her family in all the circumstances. But, in this connection, each of you as a parent must possess an ideal personality as the parents are the role models for their child. What qualities you want to see in your child, you yourself must have them.   

How to regulate and bargain

It is necessary for your child to acknowledge the thing that everything does not work according to her. You should teach your child how to regulate herself in tough conditions and how to tackle and manage them. She must know ins and outs of life. Train your child how to face challenges of life so that she may not feel any difficulty in facing them.

responsible parent

Developing facilitating mindset

Being parent, you should teach your child facilitating mindset so that she may start soothing others in young age. Show your generosity before your child in order to make her generous. Help the poor and the needy in the presence of your child to teach her feel pain for others. In the future time, she may be one of the greatest philanthropists like Dr Ruth Pfau, Edhi, Nelson Mandela and so on.

Teach your child valuing religions  

It is of great importance to teach your child giving venerations not only to her own religion but also other schools of thought. This thing will generate worldwide thinking in your child and she will become universal. Such type of persons spread love and humanity that is considered to be a heavenly value. If we observe the moral values, they are almost same in all the religions. Respecting differences is the key to make this world a heaven- a place worth living for human beings and their successors.

Teach your child impartiality

Teaching your child to be impartial in all the matters; she should decide all the matters with justice regardless of color, race, gender or creed. You should encourage your child to speak up when she perceives wrong doings for her benefit or of others. She should stand by the truth and avoid the falsehood.

Teach your child not to harm anyone

You must teach your child that hurting someone is not mere physical problem; it can have a psychological and emotional effect as well. You can have conversation with your child asking question, “Do you like someone harming or hurting you”? Her possible answer would be like, “No, I don’t like.” Now, you should explain your child that hurting other is not encouraged but discouraged, so, she should try to heal others’ suffering.  

Teach your child to avoid embezzlement

Teaching your child to avoid crimes like theft, gambling and embezzlement. Criminals are humiliated in the society and they are never respected. So, being responsible parent, it is your moral duty to keep your child away from such crimes. Especially, embezzlement is a cancer which erodes one’s honor like termite. He is considered thief of the society. Save your child from this social evil and curse. 

Teach your child how to stimulate affection for learning

Bloom flower of love and brotherhood in your child. If you succeed in growing flower of affection in your child, it will be your victory. Teach your child love for learning as education brings positive changes in character and behavior. It is vital for you to develop affection for learning in your child from the toddler, and you should also try to make her understand the significance of education in her life.

Relationship of teaching moral values to your child with character building and personality

Moral values play a key role in building character and personality of your child. In this busy life, we have forgotten the worth of these values, this is the reason that in 2020, abhorrence and ruthlessness are very common in the world that are increasing day by day and destroying the sacred relations of love and brotherhood. Parents can play a fundamental role in proselytizing moral values to control hatred and cruelty in new generation and cultivate the orchard of love and peace in the world.

In a nutshell

Teaching moral, ethical, emotional, social and cultural values to your child is of utmost value because by following these values, your child can reach the level of greatness. Instilling moral values in your child is your prime duty regarding true and effective parenting.