Parenting skills

In effective parenting, parenting skills are as important as is soul to a body. Every parent is keenly desirous to be the best parent and no parent wants to be the worst one. It means every parent wants positivity and no parent wants negativity. Positivity leads to success and peace whereas negativity leads to not only failure but also destruction. So, it can be said that nobody wants to be destroyed but everybody wants to be winner.

new Parenting Skill

As a parent, if you want to be the best one, you will have to adopt parenting skills. The best parenting skills are some marvelous parenting techniques which result better outcomes than others. All the parents whether they are well to do or very poor, want their children to be happy and healthy. In short, we can say that whatever you do, it should be for the betterment of your offspring. As parents, most of you are unaware of the parenting skills and normally don’t take much care of your children’s behavior and aptitude. We just take care of their health, food and clothes.

If they are hungry, we provide them food. If they are ill, you provide them medical facilities. Further, you get them admitted in school for gaining education and consider that you have fulfilled your responsibilities. But it is not enough, many other cares are required that count a lot, like, the study of their behavior and character. Furthermore, parenting skills are needed to train and guide your children. There are many parenting skills that can uplift your child. Some significant parenting skills are as under:

Trauma management

As a responsible and sensible parent, you yourself should try to manage your own stress and never try to show your child that you are in trauma as it may badly affect her mental level.

It is very necessary for you to get rid of anxiety and stress as soon as possible because without it you cannot remain active and mentally fit to look after your child actively and energetically. Your health and activeness is of great importance for your child, your family and your near and dear ones.

Your this parenting skill will give you wonderful results and you will enjoy the journey of parenting.

Rapport skills

Being a parent, you should increase close rapport with your child and other family members. Your good rapport will give you a lot of benefits and help you in achieving your parenting goals. If you succeed in maintaining your healthy relationship skills with your spouse, child, other family members and coworkers, you will pave the path convenient to your parenting destination.

Self-rule and liberation

Ask your children and family members including you with them to set rules and write those rules on the paper. Give them liberty in setting rules and these self-made rules can easily be followed. This skill of self-rule and liberation will create confidence and responsibility among all the family members. You as well as all family members will become responsible and put positive effect on you, your children and other family members. This positive parenting skill will guide and motivate your children to achieve their ambition.

Education and learning

Education is considered to inculcate positive changes in character and behavior but if there is no change in behavior and character even after getting education, it is of no use. As sensible parent, your inclination towards education and learning is good parenting skill which will enable you guiding your child.

As a parent, you should enrich yourself in knowledge and adopt morality that will bring positive change in your character and behavior. Resultantly, when you show positivity in your conduct, your child will follow you and this positive change will be developed in your child which will give you true happiness.

An educated and learned person can easily adopt this parenting skill to find the solution of every problem. Process of getting education never stops as it continues from cradle to grave.

Manners administration   

Etiquettes and manners count a lot in a healthy life style. A person having good manners is respected and praised everywhere whereas a person of bad manner is neither praised nor respected but hated and humiliated. Manner administration is a superb parenting skill.

As a good parent, you should be a good manner administrator at your home because it will bring morality and betterment in all the members of the family. When your child grows in atmosphere of magnificent manner and moral code of conduct, she will be able to make name and fame of her parents.

Life skills

Life of a man is of great significance and it must be dealt carefully. As whatever is in this world has some purpose and nothing is without purpose. So, your life has great purpose because if there were no purpose, life would be meaningless. You are to dive in this universe and find the objects and facts related to it. The universe is very immense. Man has discovered and invented many things and the man’s journey of discoveries of objects and facts, and inventions is still continued.

The scholars and psychologists have determined some codes and techniques about living a life which are called life skills. Life skills such as setting and getting goals, adopting success beliefs, understanding emotions and regulating them etc. lead us to success and happiness. They teach us the art of successful life. These are soft skills that save us from many difficult and problematic critical issues. It is considered to be one of the best parenting skills.

child Parenting Skills

As a parent, it is necessary for you to apply these life skills on your child whom you want to see as a successful person. Prepare your child in such a way that she and her magnificent work must be remembered even after her death like Helen Keller and others whose names are still alive even after their death.

Health upkeep

Health is a great wealth. If you are healthy, you will lead a balanced life. Being responsible parents, you should take great care of your as well as your child’s health. If your child is healthy, she can perform her duty actively and attentively. As the proverb goes, “sound mind good find”. Exercise is essential for fitness and health upkeep. Improve your child’s health and keep her active and fit.

As a parent, this parenting skill regarding your child’s health upkeep will bring positive result and she will become an active participant in academic and co-curricular activities. She will get good grades easily due to sound mind and body. She will make name and fame in the field of education and sports alike.

Belief, Parenting skills

Anton Chekov says that man is what he believes. To succeed in life, belief is a great tool; it gives you strength and courage to achieve your goals. It urges you that you have potential and you can do it. Yes, you can do it.

This parenting skill will enable you to train your child on the right track. It is your duty as parent that you should develop this belief of success in your child. She will be able to perform good job and due to this very belief, she can grow confidence and morale to achieve her ambition.

Following are some success beliefs that parents can teach to their kids:

  • Whatever happens in your life, accept responsibility of it.
  • Whatever happens in any phase of life, find positivity from it.
  • Team work and collaboration is essential for success.
  • It is not necessary to understand everything. Focusing just on the specific one thing is the key to extra ordinary success. You can read “The One Thing” book by Gerry Keller to polish this skill that will upgrade your parenting style ultimately.
  • Not failure but results- it means that take every outcome as a result which will boost to take further action. Otherwise you may feel yourself degraded.

Inculcating these success beliefs in your child can show you miraculous results. First of all, apply these beliefs in your life and later on, observe it in your children.

Think positively

As a parent, think positively because your positive thinking will bring good change in your own child and she will also grow positivity in her thinking and behavior that will lead her to success. As this parenting skill of thinking positively is a great technique that teaches respect, honor, etiquettes, morality and code of conduct even in the time of distress and disruption.

It brings politeness in her talking and teaches her how to behave in good manners with even her enemy. Developing positive thinking is like climbing on the mountain but you get elevation at every step.

Discipline your child productively

It has been observed that life without discipline is like being a ship in the sea or a coach in the forest without any path or direction to get out of sea or forest.

It is discipline that keeps one under limit or boundary in order to save one from any sort of inconvenience as excess of everything causes harmful results. Whereas, discipline keeps us balanced, so, it is very essential for you to teach your child discipline and make her follow it.

This parenting skill will develop good manner in your child and she will become civilized. As a parent, you should not make any real threats but you just make her feel that she is good where as her behavior is a bit posing.   

Safeguard yourself from abuse

Mostly parents sometimes use abusive language with their children on their mistake and these abusive words transfer in their children. As a result, children also start abusing that becomes a black spot on their behavior and character. So, as parent if you protect your child from any sort of abuse, it is much better for you and your child. As nobody wants to be abused, none should abuse anyone. Abusive person has no respect in the society because abusing is considered social evil.

This parenting skill of safeguarding yourself from abuse will save or protect your child from this dangerous vice.

Control your anger

Lawrence J, Peter says,” Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you’ll ever regret”. It is said that no other person makes us angry but we ourselves make us angry.

As parent, if you feel angry, you should start talking. Then inhale and exhale deeply for some time. Take short break and leave the room. This will help you lessen your anger and when you are calm, think about your anger how you felt; and without any delay move to a solution that is the need of the hour. Your overcoming over your anger will create good relation between you and your child. This parenting skill will enable you to handle such complications.

Speak eloquently

Lowell Thomas says, “The ability to speak is a shortcut to puts a man in the limelight, raises him head and shoulders above the crowd, and the man who can speak acceptably is usually given credit for an ability all out of proportion to what really he possesses”.

A good speaker is expressive, articulate and well-spoken. As parent you must learn eloquence. It is very easy, you just memorize one quote a day to use in your typical situations. Listen to the classic speeches. You should use alliteration to get attention. This parenting skill of speaking eloquently will not only impress other but also have positive impact on your family.

Accept positive change

With the passage of time many changes occur in the world. We should accept and appreciate any positive change but we should firmly resist if the change is negative as positive change proves beneficial whereas negative change brings destruction. Being parent you must adopt the parenting skill of accepting positive change and this very habit will nurture in your child as well.

Make a good use of time

Philip Dormer Stanhope says, “Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it”. Dear parents, “if you value time, it will value you”. So, make best use of your time as it is very precious because time once lost can never be regained.

Help children gain knowledge

The famous dramatist G.B. Shaw is of the view that what we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child. Dear parent, your children and their schools need you to become an active partner in your children’s educational training. You can play key role in making your children’s future.

Educational toys are a good idea for your children at the time when they are young.  Involve your child in reading and train her how to be a good reader from her early age. Present her books as gifts and let her see you reading and enjoying books. As parent, you can also take small tests for prizes. Make your child ask questions in an interesting and effective way. Appreciate your child on her every achievement whether it is minor or great.

Teach your child that the value of putting an effort is more essential than result. Continuous effort of your child will blossom true happiness of learning and a quest for knowledge in her. For enrolling her in school, you must be cautious.

First of all you should visit different schools and meet with their teachers for discussing the curriculum. Scan teachers’ roster for the coming school year. Try to manage time to give to your child at home and save your child’s future. This parenting skill is of much value for your child’s success.  

Give appreciation to your child

William James says, “The deepest principle of human nature is the desire to be appreciated”. This parenting skill is of great importance for you as a parent because it will bring your child close to you and develop positivity in her about you. As a result, she will start copying you and following your pieces of advice. When a child is praised, she becomes very happy and glad and thinks that she is very important for her parents.  


Be relaxed while performing any action or activity, as in hurry you may do many mistakes. Enjoy a hobby to spend your leisure time. Spend time with your child; let her teach you how to play the game so that she may develop confidence in her about playing that particular game. Develop the habit of taking rest because rest is best to gain energy to meet the challenges. Fatigue is minimized in taking rest and you become relaxed and energetic.

As a parent, you should take life easy and not to take it serious otherwise you will never get out of it. This parenting skill will cultivate easiness in your child also.

Discover your hidden talent

You have hidden talents and potential skills that may never become known to you and shared with the world. If you want to disclose your unique gifts, you have ability to do it. You should take steps in search for it with your experiment and aptitudes, and keep searching for your niche.

You can ask questions from the people who are close to you to know whether you are making the best use of your abilities or there is any hidden ability to do something and you are not doing that.

Lady Blessing Ton says that genius is the gold in the mine; talented parent is the miner who works and brings it out.

Find ways to apply some of these talents fully in your work and in your family life. When you have disclosed your talents and benefitted by them, try to transfer these talents in your child so that she may also enjoy these talents to lead her life successfully and confidently. Your child will be very grateful to you because of this parenting skill.

Make better decisions

The famous personality Napoleon Bonaparte says, “Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in”. To be a successful parent, you should think a lot and make good decisions, whether they are about jobs, persons and marriages or about your child.

You have ability to make the best choices. So, use it as an effective parenting skill and think again and again before deciding and prepare yourself to solve possible problems in the way. But, when you have decided, act upon your decision confidently. Avoid other people’s wrong judgments, but if new information comes to light, be flexible and revise the decision.  

Love and devotion

One of the best parenting skills is to show love and affection to your child. Your child is very important for you and show affection through hugging, fondling and kissing her from the beginning when she is young baby. Play mutual games with your child and make her follow you and when she does any achievement, say, “you are good and cute and I love you”. In this way, she will start showing that she also loves you and you are very important for her.

In a nutshell

In a nutshell, I suggest you as a parent to follow these parenting skills and be an inspiring source for you child.