Building relationships is a skill which can be learnt and improved by adopting learning attitude as it takes you to think and act out of the box. Some parents are skillful enough that they succeed in building 6 qualities of strong parent child relationship; while other ones find it quite tough and challenging.

I, Ajmal Dass Jaipal, am the father of four children and have faced challenges in building strong parent child relationship. After meeting with so many parents and taking interviews, I have been able to conclude that you, as a parent, are the main stake holder in strengthening strong parent child relationships, not your child as you know its value.

Thorough research on strong parent child relationship has manifested the following 6 qualities of parent child relationship.

Big picture of future in mind

Sometimes, in small matters of life, you are stuck to such an extent that you forget the big picture of future which supports and uplifts you in difficult time of your parenting journey. Your child might have teased you by doing different mischiefs but don’t be bothered and be courageous to manage the petty issues of parenting by keeping the big picture of your child’s future.

Along with this, also keep in mind that your child passes through different phases of life which may vary from phase to phase.  It shows you a ray of hope that if one phase of your child’s life is gloomy, the other one can be bright and shiny. So, be optimistic about your child and keep on doing struggle to build parent child relationships.


Think about such a relationship which is very close but unsafe. You would not be able to enjoy the company of such a relationship; rather, you would be afraid of sharing anything with her and try to avoid that person.

When your child comes in this world, she experiences different steps and forms of safety. Food is provided to your child at proper time, love is showered by the whole family; when your child observes these minor episodes of safety, an unseen strong bond of parent child relationship is built. This bond is also shifted to the next phases of life, making your future life attractive and beautiful.

Unconditional love

Having surety that your child will be loved in every condition, helps in strengthening your parent child relationship. Committing mistakes is an essential part of your life and you learn a lot by committing mistakes.

Same is the case with your kid.

If your child is committing mistakes, it means that she is trying to find something new, struggling to explore her unique world in which she can be successful or may face failure.

During the ups and downs of your child’s life, make her realize that she will never ever be left alone. Such unconditional love is very supportive in building strong parent child relationship.

Mutual respect

More important than love is respect that your child needs from you, as a parent. Commonly, it has been observed in human societies, especially in marginalized ones where people don’t have much awareness about effective parenting, respect is undervalued.

What you give is given back to you and it is a natural phenomenon which can never be overruled. So, start giving respect to your child in spite of her deficiencies and drawbacks and she will learn to do the same in her future life.


When your child passes through the different phases of life, a change comes in her living style also which affects her conduct and behavior. Don’t expect good response from your child; at some moment, she may show her anger also. Accept it and contemplate on your parenting process.

Among the major factors that contribute in strengthening parent child relationship is showing flexible approach in your parenting style which takes you in the category of authoritative parenting style.


Being an effective parent, you ought to accept your child where she is and how she is. Acceptance of your child’s uniqueness makes her a champion and super achiever. The world is full of such examples: Malala Yousaf Zai, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln and many more.

Accept your child as a whole, not in fragments. Being a parent, don’t say that you dislike your child because of these flaws because you are committing unconditional love to your child which is the basis of parent child relationships.

Research has proved that your acceptance to your child as a whole helps your child in improving her personality by overcoming her drawbacks.

In a nutshell

These 6 qualities of parent child relationship shall be very effective in reshaping your relation with your child. All are important, but acceptance and flexibility are the roots of the plant of healthy and strong parent child relationship.

Do share with me in your comments that which factor helped you a lot in strengthening your parent child relationship.

In case of any suggestion, please give your recommendation and I will write on your desired topics.

Wish you happy and peaceful parenting.