In the previous article, we discussed about different types of families including single parent family. Family is just like a team and all the members of the family are to help each other to spend a cozy life. The children are an asset for the parents in the family who need great care to succeed in the race of the life. There should be atmosphere of love, brotherhood, respect, harmony, cooperation and peace among the family members.

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  • Factors of being a single parent family
  • Divorce
  • Parting
  • Abandonment
  • Death of parent
  • Unintended pregnancy
  • Harmful effects of single parent family
  • Benefits of single parent family

Among the different types of families, the most affected family is single parent family which is also called a family of solo parent because this type of family faces a lot of challenges. It consists of a mother or father and her or his child or children where single parent, mom or dad, has day to day responsibilities in raising the child. He or she is normally considered the primary care giver.


In western societies in general, following separation, a child will end up with the primary caregiver, usually the father. Custody battles, awarded by the court rationalized in other terms, determined who the child will spend majority of her time with.  

Factors of being a single parent family

There are many factors of to be single parent family. Sometimes it happens that either father or mother passes away due to illness, accident, giving child birth or other mishap. Sometimes, it happens that there starts a quarrel between wife and husband due to some issues and results divorce between them and many more factors are involved. Some major factors are responsible for this which we discuss below.


Divorce is one of the main factors or reasons in advanced countries. It is said that divorce was generally rare historically but now divorce is very common; even on small issues divorce is contracted. There could be many reasons like, financial problems, race or culture problems, understanding problems, relative’s problems or children’s problems, etc.


The critical occurrence of a matrimonial discontinuity is the act of parting. It generally occurs when the connection between both parents has gone unsympathetic. Divorce is a lawful result that monitors the bitter reality of separation, but it is common observation that separation every time does not lead to divorce.

Sometimes, it happens that couples are able to find out the reasons behind their misunderstandings and objections and enable themselves to bury the hatchet and start new life with mutual understanding.


Abandonment is one of the ways that lead to such a position in our society. It is a situation when either the father or the mother escapes from the marriage, leaving the other partner without assistance or care. It is also known as the unfortunate man’s divorce. It is so because one partner leaves the marriage without going through legitimate procedure of divorce.

Factors of being a single parent
Factors of being a single parent

The children of deserted parents find it more difficult to understand the reason why they have to do without the other parent. Santrock asserts that these children see themselves as unloved and unwanted by the deserted parents as if it is their fault for second parent desertion.

Death of parent

It may be the result of mother’s or father’s death. In fact, the death of one partner is a major cause of single family. Statistical data shows that about one-fourth of children born around the turn of the nineteenth century experienced death of a parent before they reached age fifteen.

Unintended pregnancy

Some out of matrimony births are planned, but many are unintentional. Where out of marriage births are accepted by society, they may result in single parent family. A partner may also leave as he or she may want to shun sense of duty of bringing up the child.

Effects of growing up with a single parent family

Harmful effects of single parent family

When either parent is died or separated, the single family has to suffer a lot. Following effects take place in single parent family.

  • The children belonging to single parent family normally don’t show good results and there are fewer tendencies to gain or achieve great in school.
  • By facing such situations, children have to experience emotional effects.
  • Sometimes, in these families, mother or father gets second marriage that causes problems for children in step sibling. Along with this, brain structure of the child can permanently be altered.
  • In case of single parent family, other relatives normally have pessimistic views about the family members of the single parent family.
  • It has been seen that the boys belonging to single parent family have tendency to indulge in idle talk and useless activities in young adulthood.
  • In such families, girls are at a higher risk because they face financial issues and have no access to higher education.
  • Sometimes, children with single parents, being less satisfied in life, fail to establish stronger relationship with their parents and other relatives.
  • It is also common observation that there could be an increase in risk of psychiatric issues which cause depression and psychological distress among the children and parent in single parent family.

Benefits of single parent family

  • The child belonging to such families can get maturity in early age.
  • It has been noticed that a strong bond is built between parent and child in single family.
  • It has been seen that sometimes, there comes good result in step families as both have faced challenges so they create sound and durable relation.
  • Single parents escape possible conflict due to being single.
  • They have huge network of support as many near and dear ones provide them all the things they need. They take good care of such people. But, this is not the case with every single family.
  • In some cases single parent families can really be more beneficial because there is no stress in choices. We can say that two parents’ home is stressful as there is no freedom of choice whereas single parent home is relaxed as there is freedom of choice. There is blessing in disguise in this scenario.

In a nutshell

Single family has its pros and cons as it is clear from the above discussion. Parents should struggle to live in combined families as much as is possible and should be ready to sacrifice to a limit to manage family system. But, sometimes, owing to some inevitable circumstances and challenges, you, as a parent, have to embrace single parent family.

pros and cons of single family
pros and cons of single family

If it is unavoidable then see the positive side of it by adopting positive and growth mindset which also finds positivity in challenging situations. The most vital benefit is that you are free from interruptions and disturbance and can take such bold decisions which are in the favor of your child’s future life.

Share your feelings and learning and suggestions in the form of comments. We shall be very pleased to know about it all.

Wish you happy parenting.