Research shows that angry reactions are often pretty harmful to our health. How to win friends and influence people starts with anger management.

Many times in life, we feel angry due to some reasons. How we manage our anger is significant. Anger management does not mean that we will never get angry again but by learning the skills of anger management, we can avoid the threats of anger.

Ups and downs are the parts of life. Many times you get anger, it’s really important to manage your anger so that it may not destroy you both physically and mentally.

To get angry is usually your reaction to manage an odd or disturbing situation and you may feel yourself out of control. Such negative reactions may lead you to repent later; so, it’s important to learn anger management.

Expressing your Anger

It is natural to become angry and a certain amount of anger is important for our survival. We try to defend ourselves by expressing our feelings or aggressive behavior when we get angry.

It is our response to harms or dangers. But expressing ourselves doesn’t mean to harm others; society has some norms to limit our anger.

Follow the conscious process to deal with angry feelings. Know when to express and how to express your angry feelings. Follow these things while you are performing as parents, teachers, managers or leaders.

It’s not possible to control all the factors in the world which can trigger your anger but you can learn to deal with such situations.

First of all, it’s important to know all the triggers which make you angry quickly to react.

reasons of getting angry

Life is like a cycle; so, you don’t remain up always. Sometimes, you have to get down, so you must be able to respond in such odd cases. There are several reasons that cause people to get angry:

  • Failure in work or some project.
  • Rejection by someone
  • Load of work
  • Remembrance of shocking events of past.
  • Worrying about personal problems.

How to control your anger

Anger is something that makes you feel bad about yourself or someone else. It serves as a trigger, when we feel disturbing, it tells us that we need to do something; we need to react or respond. It’s ok to be angry sometimes because being angry is actually an expression of your emotions. But, being angry or irritated every time can lead to depression or anxiety. Controlling anger doesn’t mean that you will never get disturbed again but it is that we can avoid its harmful effects.

For that purpose, it is important to respond instead of reacting. Anger is usually a reaction to a disturbing action and we have the control to react or respond; so, respond positively.

Simply, you can control your anger by learning to respond properly.

How to manage your anger

It’s important to manage your anger positively so that it may not harm your health and your relations. Let us learn together some tips for anger management.

Tips for anger management

Here are some tips to anger management and I do hope, these tips will help you to channelize your anger in a constructive way:

Daily Exercise

Do some exercise daily; it will help you to cope with the anxiety that might be the reason for you to become angry quickly. When you are in stress you become angry very quickly; so, find out your anxiety and cope with that first.

Have some healthy physical activities daily as it is one of the best solutions to deal with anxiety.

Think Before You Speak

Don’t react when you are angry. Take some time to collect your thoughts before speaking and then express your point of view.

When you are angry, it’s easy to say anything which may cause you to regret later so think before you speak.

Focus on solution

Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the solution of that problem. Find the ways to solve the issue. Remember that anger can make the matter worse; so, relax and try to fix the issue by focusing on the solution.

Deep Breathing

Whenever you get angry, instead of creating a mess, just calm down and try deep breathing while imagining a relaxing scene or do a few yoga poses.

Listening to music is also a good option that might also help in making your mood pleasant.

Express your anger

Don’t talk or try to express your point of view when you are angry. Take time to collect your thoughts and then express yourself calmly so that others can also understand your point and agree with you.

Creating mess or crying at others is not the option when you are angry; so, keep quiet, collect your thoughts and then say your opinion.

In a nutshell

By following these steps, you can calm yourself down and avoid the threats of anger. Learn to deal with unpleasant situations because life is not a bed of roses.

Along with this, keep in mind that life not just the name of Herculean task, rather, it can be a plain sailing by your positive attitude and thinking.

Everything can’t happen just as you want; sometimes, things may go opposite to your idea. Dealing with such situations by controlling your anger is a skill, called anger management.

If you want to be happy, learn to manage petty issues of life which can create a mess.

The crux of the whole discussion is that by controlling your anger, it will be almost impossible for others to make you unhappy. Resultantly, you will know the keys to happiness.

Sub Editor: Areeba Bashir

Editor in Chief: Prof Ajmal Dass Jaipal