Concentration is the ability to focus your attention on one single thought or subject. The power of concentration is one of the most important things. And it play vital role in gaining information. Living without this power would be like opening one’s eyes without seeing anything.

Concentration is the key to success. If you lack in concentrating things while working then your work may not be efficient. A concentrated mind can solve problems in an enhanced and good way.

Barriers in concentration

Following are the main barriers that hinder you to concentrate on things and work.


Multi-tasking is not good because it harms the efficacy to concentrate. Multi-tasking does hamper your efficiency and performance because your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. When you try to do many tasks at one time, you compromise on the capacity of your focus by being unnatural. Your concentration is also divided into two parts.

Due to divided concentration, your brain lacks the capacity to perform both tasks successfully. Thoughts are running in our mind and due to these multiple thoughts, our mind does not concentrate at one thing. If we control our mind from unwanted thoughts, we will be able to focus on our work.

Concentration is built only when you focus your mind on one subject. Your mind ought to think about one thing at a time and you exclude other unrelated thoughts, ideas and feelings from your mind. 

Lack of interest

Lack of interest is the biggest hurdle in the way of success. As you know, interest is a powerful motivational process that energizes concentration process. If you show lack of interest in one thing, how you will concentrate on it.

Physical barberries

Physical barriers prevent you focusing on one thing or object. Some of the significant physical barriers in the way of concentration are

  • Poor lighting and background noise
  • Information overflow
  • Environmental factors such as temperature, rain, winds etc.
  • Technical problems
  • Distance between sender and receiver

Physiological barriers

Physiological barriers to concentration are related to limitation of human body and mind. Some physiological barriers are

  • Poor listening skills
  • Poor eye sight
  • Hearing difficulties
  • Low memory
  • Mental dullness


Tension is a feeling of worry and anxiety. Tension makes difficult for you to relax. It’s a feeling of nervousness that makes you unable to concentrate at one thing.

Tips to increase concentration

Reading with concentration

You can improve your concentration by focusing on reading skills. You read some stories and describe these stories to others. While reading, move your finger from left to right at a book. By taking short breaks during reading also improve your concentration.

Siting in a chair

Bad posture affects concentration process. If you want to increase your concentration skills,  sit in a chair in such a way that you are relaxed. Poor posture, while sitting, matters a lot in concentration process.

Fix gaze on fingers

Raise your right arm on the level of your shoulder. Look around your hand only and fix your gaze on your finger. Do the same exercise with your left hand and keep the arm still for one minute. If you are able to keep your eyes fixed on the tips on the fingers, you will be able to concentrate perfectly.

Closing and opening of fist

Closing and opening of fist also proves beneficial in attention building. While closing and opening of fist, extend your first finger, then your second one and so on. And reverse the process, by closing first and then the next ones. Do this exercise with the left hand. In a few days, you can increase your concentration by doing this.

Practice talking before a mirror

Make two marks on your mirror on the level of your eyes. Thinking about these makes as two human eyes looking into your eyes. Practice talking toward marks improves your eye contact ability and concentration. Your practice refines your skill of meditation and attention.