An exam can be difficult and stressful activity in a student’s life. Unlike other questions, it is very difficult and tough process to provide a good and relevant answer of essay questions. Essay interrogations require a good plan, time management, good written expression and ability to answer and explain it in your own words.

 When you answer essay questions, your answer provides a better indication of your real knowledge,    understanding and achievement of your learning process.

 As we know that it is very difficult to answer essay questions; you can improve your ability to answer essay type questions by knowing about question, understanding the question, form of question and knowing about what the relevant material, it requires.

If you are worried about how to answer essay inquiries, it is not a big problem. You can improve your ability to answer essay questions by doing practice and understanding about the questions.   

Three steps to answer essay questions

Following are the three steps which play a vital role while answering essay questions:

Know about the questions

When you are answering to essay questions, understanding of the question is very important.

For understanding the nature and demand of the question, following tricks are important.

Read the question carefully

Reading the question is very important thing when you answer any question. Keep it in mind that before answering, you must read the question twice or thrice. By reading the question carefully helps you to understand what the question requires.

Identify the key words

The ability to identify the key words plays a vital role in answering essay questions. Teachers and professors use certain keywords in essay questions.

When you understand and identify the key words, you easily answer the questions. If you are sure that you have identified the key words then it makes the way of relevant material process smooth. Some key words that are often used in essay questions are: describe, explain, argue, differentiate, etc.

Ask questions if anything is unclear

In exam, some questions are designed in such a way that most of the students are confused about the question, what the examiner wants. This situation mostly occurs in composition questions.

During exams, if you face this situation then ask to your teacher or professor in rare cases. Your teacher or professor helps you to describe the keyword of the question. Ask question in such a way that other candidates are not disturbed.

Follow relevancy and instructions

Some of the most common tricks which help a lot in forming your response in dissertation queries are following.

Follow the instructions

Most common mistake by the students is that they do not follow the instructions written in the start of the paper. While you are answering essay queries, follow all those instructions that are very important regarding your question. When you follow instructions, your paper will be most striking as compared to those who ignore the basic instructions.

Provide well-structured answer

Well-structured answer is a key to composition questions. Basically, composition questions are about your organization of answers. In essay queries, the first thing that paper checker checks is your structure of essay questions that how you provide relevant and proper answer in an organized way.

Mention relevant information

Relevancy is a crucial part of essay queries. A strong essay query should provide a relevant answer. When you answer essay queries, keep in mind important trick of brainstorming. Take some time to collect those facts and figures that are relevant to your questions.

The best strategy is that you write all those facts and figures that are relevant to your questions and put them where question requires.

Staying calm and focused

Student should remain calm and focused instead of suffering from anxiety and stress during paper attempting.

Following tricks play a crucial role to stay calm and focused while answering composition questions.

Try to remove anxiety

Stress and anxiety are the killers of talent. Don’t frustrate and try to recall if you forget some facts, figures and points. Motivate yourself during exams. Motivation and calmness play a very important role during your exam.

If you get anxious, you will commit a lot of mistakes. Remove your stress and anxiety by closing your eyes and calming your mind for some time.

Time management

Time management is of great importance in essay queries. Manage your time in such a way that you should give equal time to each essay question. If you are good in time management then you complete your exam in required time.

Students who use their time wisely get good grades in exams as compared to those who are bad in time management. Basically, essay questions are mainly game of time management. 

Enhance your writing speed

Role of your writing speed is as important as time management. If you are attempting MCQs type questions, your writing speed does not matter how you write. But, in essay question, writing speed matters a lot. With slow speed, you may not be able to complete your paper on time.

Try your best to increase your writing speed. Along with speedy writing, your writing should be clear which has good impact in essay questions.