As it is said that life is the best teacher and is teaching us lessons of life continuously through various things. Great people keep on learning various lessons of life by observing minute details of life. I share my own experience regarding learning from various aspects.

One day, I was alone in my department at my college and I felt like enjoying a cup of tea. As I put hot water  from the cattle into the cup and took a teabag  in my hands; a question flashed  in my mind  that “Could it teach me something?”  

“Yes”, the answer was.

Value of problems in our life

The first thing that teabag has taught me is the value of hot water _difficulties and problems of life .Can it be possible for a teabag to expose its qualities without experiencing hot water?

Definitely, your answer would be ‘No’.

But when difficulties and obstacles come in our life, we start complaining that it is not fair but the fact is that nature wants to give us something special.

That’s why, when nature is pushing you in difficult zone or stretch zone which is a blessing of God in your life, be bold and wise to get something unusual from your life because difficult time comes on all; some become great, some become small. Stones and pebbles will keep on coming but it is up to you to make stairs of success or barriers of failure.

History is full of such people who made their lives great by having positive approach towards life. Qaiser Abbas, Tony Robbins, Obama, Nelson Mandela and Imran Khan are some examples of such great personalities.

Your inner is more important

Another thing that I got from that teabag was that tea inside the teabag was important. If you have a fancy teabag label along with a shiny silk tassel but inside it, tea is of very low quality; “Would you be able to relish that cup of tea?” So the character that is our inner quality is more important as compared to the outlook.

I don’t want you to ignore the outer side; I just want to share that when a person leaves this world, his character remains in the world in the form of good or bad one. So, it is indispensable to focus our attention inwardly to uplift our character.

Role of flexibility in success

Among the lessons of life, flexibility is of core value because it makes you adjustable is different situations.

Likewise, tea bag is porous because without pores, tea will not come out of teabag. These pores suggest that we need to be flexible in our lives, as much as possible and as soon as possible because I believe that flexibility is the sign of life while rigidity is the sign of death.

It means that Synchronize with people belonging to different regions, countries, religions, castes, and continents.

A person cannot be on the road of becoming personality until he is flexible; it doesn’t mean that compromise on your values; it means that be accessible and flexible as much as is realistic and possible.

Abundance mentality vs scarce mentality

After that l mixed whitener (milk) and sugar in it and l enjoyed tea. The whitener and sugar in our life may be our family members, colleagues, business partners, friends etc.

Abundance mentality vs scarce mentality

Here arises a problem; if a person has scarce mentality, he will not apply win-win approach which comes because of abundance mentality– it means that in the universe, everything is in abundance. If he is getting, I can also get; if he is improving, I also can.

Contrary to that, scarce mentality people think that things are in less number or amount.

If he is getting, I shall not be able to get. If he is succeeding, I shall not get success, or for my success, he should fail which is very wrong notion and the worst result of current education system which teaches competition more and collaboration less.

So, a teabag also has the ability to change our dimension of life towards greatness.

Be successful and great and leave good impression of you during this short journey of life.

In a nutshell

Flexibility, win-win approach, team work are the lessons of life that you can learn and inculcate in your life and get success in your journey.