From University to work career Skills

In your university, you, as a new-comer, face many problems. These problems are solved easily by your learning and adopting career skills. After your degree, your journey is further tough. If we compare this system of new era with past, that time of past was very easy after your graduation to get a job. People got jobs after their degree and remained stuck with those jobs until they retired.

Because of changing technology, those days are gone and you have to face many challenges after your degree for the sake of work/job. You have to develop so many career skills to both get a job and sustain it for a long time.

Here are some strategies also known as sub career skills which can play a key role when you search for work/job after university/college study.

Check new jobs frequently

As you know that our whole system is based on technology which is the best way of communication now a day. When you complete your degree or your degree is in completing zone, you start searching for new job positions frequently. This thing can help you to get a job without any procrastination.

But keep in mind that sometimes, you may not be able to get job very soon. In this challenging situation, patience, consistency and determination, basic career skills, to achieve your goals are very supportive for your encouragement


Networking with professionals and newbies helps you a lot for the search of job. Most of the jobs with best reliefs are usually not advertised. About these jobs, people with those particular professions and fields are well known.

If your networking with these types of people is strong and you don’t miss any chance of meeting with these people, you will have plenty of chances to get your desired job.

Job websites

We are all aware about various benefits of different websites; different types of websites are available for different subjects. After your degree, normally, you like to follow the job websites. These jobs websites work as a reminder for you. Websites inform you for new jobs advertisements by notifications.

You should follow these jobs websites and check new notifications on daily basis. Surfing different useful websites is considered one of the most important career skills in this current age.

Company websites

Your degree can be suitable for company jobs. If you have any professional degree according to company’s demands then follow company websites. Each company has it own website. You should follow those companies’ websites which will provide you information helping to get job.

Write your resume for each job

After your degree completion, make your mind about such a job which suits your personality type. Keeping in mind your current degree and skills, write your resume and cover letter for each job according to the specific job requirements. Your career skills of resume writing along with cover letter matter a lot for getting a job. So, your these things should be effective in all dimensions.

Prepare for interview

During you degree in college or university, try your best to boost your confidence up to the maximum level. Your confidence benefits a lot during interview. Make sure that you are well prepared about general questions which can be asked during interview. For example, questions about your personality, your degree, your strengths and weaknesses etc