The Interview the Main Pillar of Career Skills

Like other career skills, interview skills are also very important. Basically, interview is a conversation between two or more people in which interviewer tries to know interviewee in a deeper sense. In interview, there is a face-to- face conversation between interviewer and interviewee for the sake of judgment.

How to prepare for interview?

By improving your career skills, you can present yourself as the best possible candidate for interview. When you go for interview, you try your best to impress the employer.

Following tips are very important to follow when you are preparing for interview, especially for getting any type of job.

Know yourself and organization

It is very crucial and essential to know yourself and organization where you are being interviewed. If you want to be comfortable in an interview, the most important part of being comfortable is to know yourself; what are your flaws and weaknesses and your good qualities. This information helps you when interviewers ask questions about you, your qualification, your career and position.

On the other hand, company’s website is an effective way to know about organization. This will provide you some basic points and information about industry.

Knowing about yourself is the sign of mindfulness while thorough information about the organization where you are going for interview shows your interest about the organization. Knowledge about you helps in building career skills in the best possible way.

Take breakfast

Interviews are normally considered a stressful activity. On presentation day, it is necessary for you to eat nutritious and healthy breakfast. Having proper breakfast helps you to keep you mind sharp and remove your nervous and stressful condition. Eating a healthy breakfast before interview improves your concentration, energy and creativity.

Arrive on time

Reaching in time is suitable for presentation. An ideal time of arriving is around ten to fifteen minutes early for the interview can be very difficult situation; because, as we know that an interview is a stressful activity. If you get late, it will increase your stress. So, time management is very important in building career skills.

When you are late in interview, you can handle the situation by explaining the reason of arriving late. But, keep in mind that carelessness about reaching on time may be harmful for you. Time management is one of the top most career skills to enjoy a successful career.

Keep yourself calm and composed

Being a calm and composed personality is a key to success in presentation. As interview is usually known as a difficult and stressful activity; so, try to remain unruffled at any cost. As nervousness is a natural response of our body when we face some new condition but the question is, “How to stay calm during interview?” Its answer is very simple; take some time to know and understand the environment of interview location which is possible when you arrive early.

Shift your mind when you are waiting for interview. Drinking water, taking deep breaths and thinking positively can help you to remain calm and composed. Among the most favorite career skills, composed personality is the most required one in this fast era of science and technology.

Be well dressed during interview

Your dress always shows your personality. All interviews characteristically are conducted in formal situations. Regarding interviews, it is a fact that your first impression shows your last impression. If you want to make your first appearance impressive then wear clean and neat professional dress.

According to fashion and culture, men and women dress are different but both should be neat and clean. Proper sense of dressing is one of the most effective career skills and should be learnt from the expert ones.

Smiling face

Smiling face during interview shows that you are in relaxed and calm situation. During the starting time, few seconds friendly smile will tell the interviewer you are easy and feeling comfort. If you want to leave a positive impression on interviewer then smiling on natural moments is necessary. ‘Natural moments’ means those moments when you are greeting and leaving.