7 habits

There are many habits that are mostly present in successful people. They are common human beings but take things seriously in their lives. Here are 7 habits that are mostly present in highly effective people

Proactive in every matter

It is an intrapersonal skill that can make you an influencer in your life. Before starting fight it is necessary to make a strategy or draft in your mind about it. It means before you are doing something you should not act upon it on the spot but do strong planning before it. This habit leads you to success and happiness.

Keep end within mind

As you know a ship also has its destination, a bus also has an end point similarly everything in world has some specific end point. Highly effective people have clear vision and a mission in their lives for survival of a successful life .This is called destination where they have in their minds.

It is key to success to have an aim in life that urges you for hard working and makes you an effective personality. The more you are oriented towards your goal the more you focus the things easily for achieving the success.

 This is one of the core habit in 7 habits of highly effective people. Your goal may be more than one but you should focus just on specific goal of your life.

Put first thing first

One of the important habits in the list of 7 habits of highly effective people is to put first thing first. Being a successful man you should prioritize the things. It means properly set your aims, and keep in things in first that you want to be in your life.

 For example if you want to be the prime minister of your country you should keep it on first and use your whole energy on it. Your whole focus must show that you genuinely are interested in it. In another case you may miss your first thing that you want in your life.

Think win-win approach

This approach is basically related to two ideas one is the ‘’scarce mentality’’ and other is ‘’abundance mentality’’. Highly influenced people always in favor of ‘’abundance mentality’’ who believe that there are unlimited things to do for everyone.

 They connect people with them and support them to perform something big in life. People who support ‘’scarce mentality’’ are called jealous or legs puller.

Seeking first to understand, then be understood

‘’Seeking first to understand and then being understood’’ is the quality of great people showing empathetic attitude towards people. Here it means if you want to change the society you should change yourself first of all.

Successful people bring change at every level and something new by keeping in the mind that change will come from your own personality. If you are not ready to change yourself, it is impossible to change the world. By doing this people will always believe in you and become your part.


These people know how to synergize for creating win-win situation. No one is perfect in this world, so great people are expert in making teams of different people having different qualities. This single most skill paves the way of success both for them and their friends.

Sharpen the saw   

The last habit in 7 habits of highly effective people is improving your skills by doing such activities which may polish your skills. In many ways you should improve your abilities such as listening to motivational speakers. Book reading is also a good activity that can sharpen your life skills.

Visiting different places will also sharpen your mind.in this process through different levels. In the first level body demands discipline and mind needs vision at any level. In addition heart wants passion while soul needs conscience that make your thoughts pure.

In a nut shell  

To conclude the whole discussion, by following these 7 habits of highly effective individuals may lead you to become a successful person in your life.