Life Skills

Skills which help people make their lives more successful and help them develop psychosocial competence are not very difficult to develop and these skills can be defined as life skills. These are simple ones but have great importance in the life of a person. Here are some soft skills which are crucial for personal development.

Effective communication skills

It is one of the most important life skills and prove to be the gateway to your personality. It is necessary in providing & receiving information to a group of persons or a single person.

It is generally seen that successful persons are effective speakers too. So, to be a successful person it is a stepping stone. These skills can be developed by listening to the effective and successful speakers and world leaders. Continuous practice to speak well by using verbal and non-verbal communication is also key to develop this skill.

Skills to solve problems

It is a skill by which one can solve problems which are usually faced during daily routine. It is generally seen that some people are more successful in solving minor to major problems while others not. People having this creative ability are usually happier with their jobs and dedicated to their general tasks. On the other hand, people who are not good in this skill are leading less happy life with more job-related problems. So, it is crucial for a successful and happier life.

To develop this skill, it is necessary to develop the habit of critical thinking and solving problems with confidence handling different challenges in a successful way.

Skills to make good decision

It is an ability to inspect the routine problems and resolve them by right timely actions. It is the personal capability to select right alternatives. It is a personal aptitude to diagnose and leave the wrong paths. It is the mental ability to stick to your right decision. In addition to this, taking decisions on the right time is a sure way to succeed in this practical life.

Having critical thinking is also necessary in the development of this skill. After intense thinking, when you come to any decision then stick to that and don’t change it. But in rare cases where the failure is certain, modify your decision and make an alternative one.

Self-awareness skills

Conditions which make you feel happy and the other ones which make you feel bad should be in your knowledge. What your aptitude is and which things are better for your happy and successful life. By this skill you will be able to choose better career for yourself. You will be happier and more successful in your life. Developing such life skills is not an arduous task.    

Written by: Rida Fatima

Editor in Chief: Prof Ajmal Dass Jaipal