speaking skills

Among the different skills, speaking skills play a significant role in each and every aspect of life. The transfer of emotions and expression of feelings can be done through a language and to speak a language effectively is recognized as good speaking skills.

Let us try to understand the importance and techniques of speaking skills in detail.

  • Talking skills help to communicate effectively.
  • You can convince anyone if you have good communication skills.
  • This world is evolving and, speaking skills will be among the top soft skills in 2025 according to a survey conducted by LinkedIn. You can lead people if you have the ability to speak well.

Why speaking skills are important

You are either in public or in professional life, you will see that a person who can communicate well, people have a special treatment towards him. In fact, effective speaking abilities will provide you an edge not at workplace but also in your personal life.

Importance of speaking skills

Speaking skills are very important in the following ways:

Help you to convince

The only way to persuade somebody is to describe all the pros and cons of the things effectively. For instance, you want to convince someone about certain drama, the way you describe the drama will show how effectively you can communicate.

Speaking assistances will also provide an extra edge when you are in sales or marketing field to convince.

Refine your leadership skills

The significant quality of a good leader is best language skills. The way he understands the problems and solves the conflicts all depends on effective communication skills. A good leader should be a good speaker. So if you have good speaking skills, you can become a great leader.

Enhance your connection with people

A person who has good speaking skills can understand and identify people in a better way. Good speakers are those who can connect with people. They know the subject of discussion and can easily tackle the problems through their communication skills. People usually come to them for taking guidelines.

Continuous practice of talking skills will eventually make you a good speaker, which leads you to communicate effectively.

Ways to improve language skills

The only way to improve communication skills is doing practice more and more. There is an old saying that practice makes a man permanent.

Reading will improve your language skills

Reading books will improve your vocabulary and syntactic structures. According to a research, for better language skills a person should possess vocabulary of 10,000 words. The process of building a vocabulary properly starts at the age of three years, the research shows.

By reading different books, you get the opportunity to understand the ways of expressing diverse ideas in the best possible ways using various levels of vocabulary items and sentence structures.

Role of group discussions in language skills

To be confident is a crucial part when you are making yourself a good speaker. This confidence can be achieved through discussions with people whether you know them or not. Giving lectures or presentations also brings confidence.

Confidence is actually a mind-set; you can choose to be either a confident person or not. The confidence surely comes when you practice it and it is such an important element in language skills. So to have good language skills you must be able to talk with confidence.

Addition of non-verbal communication

One of the key elements to improve speaking skills is to have a grip in non-verbal communication. According to an estimation, 80% of message is communicated non-verbally.

You have often watched whenever a leader communicates with people, he presents his speech through his body language, facial expressions, and gestures. He does it to grab the attention of the audience.

Non-verbal communication is a key to engage people. Use of non-verbal sign is considered the best technique in talking skills. As, passing a smile is a gesture for relaxation in speaking.

Good listeners are good speakers

Listening is different from hearing. Listening includes paying attention not only what the other person has said but also the context of the speech and non-verbal communication.

People are busy in listening for the purpose of answering but the actual purpose which helps you to improve speaking skills is to consider why he has said this and what the background is.

In a nutshell: speaking skills

Speaking skills are refined over time if you work with consistency and dedication. In fact, effective speaking will help you to choose the most demanding professions like leadership and coaching. Although it takes time, yet it is one of the worth doing and most inspiring things to do in this current era of science and technology where effective communication is the most important thing.

Co-author: Rida Fatima

Editor in Chief: Prof Ajmal Dass Jaipal