7 Tools of Communication Skills

Communication is an activity through which a person expresses his views, ideas and emotions. It can be written or oral. The core purpose of communication skills is to convey one’s message to another in a possible way. It is a two-way street in which communicators communicate to other ones.

Communication skills are the capabilities through which a man expresses his feelings for a specific purpose to understand and create a good sense for any topic or subject. Communication skills have a vital role in any field. The more a person grips on these skills, the more he will explain his point of view in a lucid way.

There are 7 tools for developing effective communication skills. These tools are the instrument of communication skills that beautify your communication and make your status high relevant field. These make a communicator fluent and consistent in communication. You must use these magical skills in your communication. Let’s we talk about these tools.

Body language in communication

Body language is one of the most important communication tools among the seven ones. Body language includes eye contact, gestures and nodding. It means this skill is related to the movement of the body.

This skill demands a lot of practice, listening to lectures and seeing the speakers how they move their body according to the words.  In this way the connection with your audience will become strong, which never lets them do something boring. It is mostly seen when the body language of a person does not match with words that he speaks, it shows lack of command on the subject.

Clarity in ideas

Clarity is a principle that empowers your skills and makes your message clear that even an average person can also understand. It is a part of effective Communications that clear your visions about the concepts and ideas. For leaving a great impression on the audience, clarity principle is a significant tool.

Confidence in communication

Confidence is probably the most significant tool in communication skills. If you are confident about your topic, it will be easy for you to describe before the audience. It is a reality that an average person can perform outstandingly just on the basis of confidence. It is the heart of communication that creates soul in presentation.

Presentation of your material

For effective communication, presentation of your ideas is very important. The way of expressing your ideas practically through a source is called presentation. It is a tool of effective communication that shows your efforts and interest at the time of presenting the ideas. you must present your ideas in such a way that distinguishes you from others. If you have the knowledge about PowerPoint, use it and distribute your topic in slides.  Before presenting your material, you should practice a lot because this is a matter of your interest in the topic. The more you address your matter in outstanding way, the more you catch the attention of your audiences towards you.

Use of visuals

Using graphs, pictures, images and visual backgrounds in your presentations and communications will allow your audience to grasp things easily. It is also an effective activity that amuses your audience. People like such things that are based on visuals and graphics. For example, while listening to the news we prefer a channel that uses graphics and visual screen that captures the attention of your audience.  

Two important modes of communication are verbal and non-verbal impacting a lot on your communication skills. It means your choice of words should be effective as well according to your event, situation or occurrence. You should avoid using such types of words that may disturb your audience. By doing this your communication process will be disturbed too.

Stress management in communication

Stress management is an art in communication skills. Whenever you speak before the audience it will ensure that you should not get stressed in any situation. Before presenting your topic, you should practice in front of the mirror again and again. It will enhance your confidence and make you able to manage your stress. If you are feeling tense, you should take some relaxed through pauses. Sip a glass of water and drinking it otherwise dryness of your throat also will be a cause of stress. Another cause, of your stress is preoccupation that can harm your communication It is a solvable matter that can be managed in your home.


In a nutshell we have discuss 7 tools of communication skills. These are the fundamental activities that empower your skills. If you apply these useful tools in your daily routine either in academic or in personal matters, it will be fruitful for you. It will be helpful for you to overcome the challenge that occur in communication.

Sub Editor: Areeba Bashir

Chief Editor: Prof Ajmal Dass Jaipal