Everyone desires to be successful but there are some traps that may prove major causes of failure. Becoming the victim of these major causes of failure is quite unintentional, but by having some idea about such traps can save you from total failure.

Go through these causes and if you are having any of these, quickly overcome it before becoming it a reason of failure for you. 

Let us understand the 5 major causes of failure in life. 

Negative personality

The major cause that I feel, of failure, is negative thinking that shapes you as a negative personality. The challenge that negative thinkers face is of finding problems in every opportunity which comes in their life and positive thinkers use for their life and which helps in advancement regarding their goals.

Only close friends and mentors, firstly, can indicate the problem and later on, give tips of shifting towards positive personality.

Seeing the positive side of any aspect, living with positive people and reading positive and motivational literature are very helpful for shaping your personality on positive pillars.

Lack of Defined Targets

Lack of clear goals and targets is also one of the 5 major causes of failure in life as without goals, energy goes waste.

To make it understand, I create a scenario. Two cricket teams, Pakistan and Australia, are playing. One ball is remaining to make only one score to win. Australian player is bating and the fastest bowler of the world, Shoaib Akhter, is bowling.

The crowd is shouting in the support of the bowler. He takes a very long and strong start, runs fast and throws the ball by using all his strength and passion. And lo! What happened? The ball didn’t go straight and was wide.

From this example, I want to share with you the problem that some people cannot succeed despite using all resources, intelligence and passion; they just lack one thing which is the missing of clear-cut goals. It can also be called as the lack of focus on the required goals.

So, for success, focusing on the exact goals is in evident.

Lack of decision power

Amongst the 5 major causes of failure, lack of decision power is of crucial importance because it spoils your whole energies and takes you in the ditch of miseries, failures and lacking.

The world is full of intelligent and talented people; but, these qualities are rusted because of lack of well-defined power of taking decisions.

The person who cannot take decision delays while taking decision and suffers from two diseases; the first is cancer of lame excuses which means that he is trying to justify his indecision because of different reasons which he thinks, are right.  Unknowingly, he suffers from that particular disease and ultimately death is inevitable_ the death of required results.

The second is of paralysis of analysis. It means that some people experience procrastination because they say that they are analyzing the things before taking decision because it gives insight in taking decision.

Analysis is good for sound decision but over analysis is bad because it snatches the power of taking actions and the time goes on and the result is failure and repentance only.

To get something free

Nothing is free in this world. Some people say that beggars get many things free of cost but I say that they have to disgrace and devalue themselves for begging.

To get something free

Some rich children may think to get things by using capital which is in fact impossible because for reaching target, capital is less important while passion, persistence, team building, forbearance etc. are more important.

You can buy anything but price may vary; so, don’t think to get anything free of cost because this is contrary to the law of nature.

Uncontrolled Sex Desire

Legendary writer  Bano Qudsia, Ashfaq Ahmad’s wife, says in her world famous novel “Raja Gidh” that sex is one of the strongest passions and if controlled properly and tamed masterly, can produce great teachers, trainers, leaders, entrepreneurs, writers, fighters, soldiers etc.

Contrary to that people coming in the slavery of that sex power, perish completely. The human history is full of such examples: Rawana who was the emperor of Sri Lanka kidnapped Sita, the wife of Rama, to satiate his lustful desire and was ransacked thoroughly along with his family and army.

It will not be suitable to forget Helen who was considered the most beautiful lady of the world and who fled away with a prince, King Priam’s son, Paris and Troy was turned to ashes as a result of ten year continuous war.

Bill Clinton, Baba Ram Raheem, Asha Ram Babu and many other names who could not control their desire of sex, come in this list.

In a nutshell

These all are the traps of success and throw people in the cave of failure; so, avoid these major causes of failure and lead the path of success, prosperity, service and greatness.

Dear reader!

You can suggest, if you think some other major causes of failure, in the comment box and we shall include it as soon as possible.

Wish you a happy and successful life.