The act of delaying task or tasks is known as procrastination. Procrastination is increasing day by day. We also become procrastinators when we delay our work. People usually say that they will do their work according to their will and time but this is a bad habit which causes procrastination.

People avoid doing their homework, job work or any other work assigned to them. They procrastinate it by saying that they can do it later in last hour or minutes; but when they start their work, they can’t do it properly; therefore, they face failure in their lives. Instead of this, a person who is active enough to manage his time and does not procrastinate, achieves success in his life.

Problems caused by procrastination

There are a number of problems of procrastination. Some problems are given below;

  1. Procrastination is time consuming process which wastes our important time of life. We cannot perform our work properly and can’t manage our time which causes failure.
  2. The act of procrastination results a person not to reach his goal and aim of life. It distracts him from his goal because he loses his heart and can’t get his goal of life.
  3. A person who procrastinates his work or task faces humiliation because no one has good reviews about his work. People start avoiding him because of his habit of procrastination.

Causes and solutions

1-Lack of motivation

Motivation is a process that initiates, guides and maintains us to reach our goal. Due to lack of motivation, a person starts procrastination; as a result, he moves away from his goal. We should have a basic source of motivation which motivates us to achieve our goal and saves us from procrastination.

Lack of motivation

2-Low self-confidence

Self-confidence means an attitude about your skills and abilities that make you able to accept challenges and face them with your skills. People who are procrastinators usually have low self-confidence. They think that it is very tough goal to achieve; so, they start procrastination. Therefore, we should have self-confidence in ourselves to accept challenges in our lives and tackle them with our creative skills.

3-Lack of understanding

Things that are little bit complex to understand may create procrastination. A person who does not understand things properly and starts delaying them, becomes a procrastinator because he thinks that the things which are difficult to understand are better to skip.

Lack of understanding

We should try our best to understand things which can be possible only when we learn things wholeheartedly and give our whole attention to these things.

4-Concentration problem

Lack of concentration in work causes procrastination because if we are not able to concentrate on our work or task, how you can do your work or gain your task. So, we should concentrate on our work that protects us from procrastination.

5-Fear Of failure

Fear of failure stops us doing such things that can move us forward to achieve our goal. Many people always think about their failures which demotivate them and keep them away from their goals. They delay their work because they have fear of failure.

To get success in your life you should take control over your fear. Fear is a destructive element which leads to failure; therefore, we should think positive and remove fear of failure from our minds to get success.

6-Low energy levels

Low energy levels cause laziness in our body; that’s why, people delay their work. When a person shows laziness in his actions, it creates a path to failure. Therefore, we should be active in our work and have an active body and sound mind to reach our destination.

In a nutshell           

Procrastination is a bad habit which leads toward humiliation and failure. We should think positive and manage our time to get our target of life. Time management is the key element to have success in life. If you avoid procrastination and manage your time, you will get success.