When the race of life is near to fade and the hope for living totally ends, then people think that, “I wish I could work for my happiness”. But at death bed, there is nothing except regret. Man should live his life as a role model for others to follow that at least, he should not have any regret at the end. Top Five Regrets of Dying people

This book “The top five regrets of dying people” has been written by “Bronnie Ware” (born in 19 Feb, 1967). She is an Australian author, song writer and motivational speaker, best known for her writings about the top death bed regrets, she heard during her time as a palliative career (medical care giving approach/nurse)

Following are the top five regrets of dying people.

A person did not fulfill his dreams

Every person on this planet has some dreams. Some of them work for them and fulfill their dreams. But most of them keep on delaying and become the victim of procrastination. Their behavior is like, “I’ll do it tomorrow; not today”. At the end, the day has come, when he has nothing but the regret.

Regret of what thing?

Oh! Why couldn’t I fulfill my dreams and enjoy the life. Now he is on his death bed but there is no time to fulfill his dreams. For example, if a person wants to go on world tour and has a certain amount required doing this; but, he thinks that he should earn more, and then he ought to go for it. You should think about this, your dream is necessary; you are here to enjoy your life and to serve humanity. So, be focused on your dreams so that, at the end, you should not have any regret.

Unfulfilled dream is one of the top five regrets of dying people.

To earn money, forgot family and kids

 Money is important for life but it is not life. But, unfortunately, some people leave their families and friends to earn money and go abroad for it. During this process if their loved ones regrettably die or get in the accident they are not able to see them. No doubt, social media has made it easy to talk or to see them, but crave to meet up with them cannot be fulfilled with voice or video calls. You want to earn money, go for it but never ever forget your family and friends.

Your family and friends must be your first priority. You are earning for your family; so, the thing that is ascribed in the top five regrets of dying people is that they could not enjoy them and now on death bed they wish had not worked day in and day out. They could spend time with them but time has gone.

Forget their old friends

Friends are the blessing of our lord. All friends are important and valuable for our happy and beautiful life. But, the old friends are the real gems. There is saying that “Old is gold.”

On death bed, every person wishes for a meet up with his old friends because at that time he is memorizing the happy moments, which he has spent with old friends. Because of their profession and busy life, they do not give time to the friends and lose them.

Not share their personal thoughts because of fear

If a person wants to remain happy, he must keep on sharing his feelings with other persons, especially beloved ones. But most of people do not share their feelings just because of that what others will perceive from it. Don’t do this, just share your thoughts, feelings and emotions and let the other people understand you.

Share happiness, and strengthen yourself by making good relations with other people. The main motive of our soul is to serve humanity. Contribute yourself in this universe; if you don’t do this, on the death bed, this will be your regret that I could share my thoughts but I could not do.

They did not struggle intentionally to make themselves happy

Among the top five regrets of dying people, not struggling intentionally to make you happy is the most pitiable regret.

People have the habits to satisfy others and make others happy. They always think if I did this then people would think more highly of me.

People should work for themselves. Happiness is a choice. It is your life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly and choose happiness instead of regret. Choose happiness.

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Learn from the top five regrets of dying people to spend a significant life which is free of regrets and sorrows.