The main challenge, “How to discover your learning style” should be tackled as soon as possible because it helps a lot in learning and understanding study material. There are different styles of learning. Everybody learns differently and finds a specific way better for learning faster.

Some people study by forming groups, some read better by themselves, some love reading books and learn from them and some learn by visualising things. Everyone has a style of learning. Not all people can use the same style or strategy for learning.

Here I am going to briefly discuss the 4 styles of learning. Read them and find out your learning style so that you can learn things faster and better.

Auditory learning style

People who prefer auditory learning style can learn easily by listening to books or people. They can easily remember for the long term what others say. They learn things by reading aloud. Discussing ideas or information with your friends or group is also a good idea to remember the information.

Lecture method is also very effective for them because they can learn well by listening to the lectures.

Visual learning style

Visual learning style is the skill and style of learning by visualising things. The learners having visual learning style prefer to visualise the information and see it in their minds.  They learn well through pictures, maps, charts, tables etc. 

In the class room, teachers mostly use either power point slides or white board because they know that some students are visual learners and they will learn a lot by seeing the written material or some kind of graphs, charts, tables or maps etc.

As a learner, you can discover your learning style by observing deeply how you learn the best.

Kinaesthetic learning style

The students having kinesthetic learning style learn by doing things by their own hands. They learn things better when they involve themselves in the activity. Instead of only reading the process in the book, they like to experience it with their hands.

When they are given the chance of giving presentations or performing something on the stage, they are excited to perform in the best possible way. They are top level performers in any kinaesthetic activity.

A great teacher knows that different learners learn differently and does not compare one student with the other ones. Being a learner, you should discover your learning style to upgrade your learning potential.

Reading and writing learning style

People with this method of learning like to sit and read the books. And, taking notes in written form strengthens their learning. Such learners like to rewrite the text in their own words after reading it from the book. It can be said that they are not crammers; they are creators and curators.

Finally, these are different methods and styles of learning. You need to find out which style works better for you which paves the way to discover your learning style.

You are going to find it much easier to remember the things or whatever the teacher teaches you if you find out and discover your learning style.