In the present age, stress and anxiety are the byproducts of progress and capitalistic approach. Keeping this scenario in mind, emotional intelligence for professors is the need of the hour to both understand and regulate the emotions of self and students.

It is time to utilize our energy on our students who are the future generations to regulate the system of the society in a smooth and developing way. Emotional intelligence assists us how to evaluate ourselves and the young generation in order to bring suitable solutions for the constructive development in the societies at a considerable level.

Professors of colleges and universities can do wonders in this regards as they are learned and have great observation on society, its past and present. It is their duty to set such convenient methodologies that easily motivate and guide the young generation toward the path of success in their life.

Specially, the professors of psychology can contribute a lot in this connection to make the young generation aware of their emotions and help them how to tackle those emotions whether they are positive or negative ones.

Before going into the details of techniques of emotional intelligence for professors, let us understand what emotional intelligence is.

Brief introduction of emotional intelligence for professors

The concept of emotional intelligence was introduced by Peter Salovey and John Mayer as a psychological theory. Later on, it was updated and redesigned by Daniel Goleman in his book, “Why it can matter more than IQ”.

Emotional awareness, emotional regulation, internal motivation, empathy and social skills are the key components of emotional intelligence.

To know about your own emotions is emotional awareness while management of those emotions for the benefit of yourself and people living with you is emotional regulation.

To proceed, finding some ways to motivate you and develop interest in life and work is the essence of internal motivation.

Empathy is to feel the emotions and feelings of those with whom you are living and working. To experience like the same situation in which others are living is the main thing of empathy.

Social skills teach us how to deal with people having empathetic attitude towards others.

Qualities of emotionally intelligent professors

Qualities of emotionally intelligent

Following are the qualities of professors having emotional intelligence.

Teach empathy

Teachers having emotional intelligence are empathetic because they know what their students are thinking and feeling. If you want to be such a teacher who is very close to her students, observe empathy while teaching and teach the lesson of empathy to your students as well.

Teach delayed gratification to the students

The students of those professors who are emotionally intelligent show delayed gratification and are highly successful in their life. Research conducted by Walter Mitchel on Marshmallow candy, later named as marshmallow test, supports delayed gratification.

Some students are very emotional and want instant results. But, if you are a professor having the quality of patience; your students definitely would love to follow you. This single most quality will lead both you and your students to success and happiness.

Make the students volunteers (Emotional Intelligence for Professors)

Emotional intelligence for professors is of utmost importance as it has the potential to infuse the quality of voluntarism among students. Volunteers are the backbone of every society because they show selflessness and support humanism.

Resiliency is built in students

Internal motivation is the key quality of professors having emotional intelligence and this quality is very helpful in building the resilience power in the students.

Being a professor, if you are able to develop the quality of resilience in your students, they will be able to maintain positive attitude throughout their life.

Accept students’ mistakes

Professors having emotional intelligence know that mistakes are the ways to learn anything. Students commit mistakes and learn new things. Showing the angle of positivity by adopting positive attitude leads your students to both positivity and creativity like Thomas Edison.

Teach to handle frustration

Moments of difficulty and frustration can take you to the top level achievements if you learn to handle them properly as a professor. Role modeling also works here as your students start copying you in dealing with frustration.

Emotional intelligence teaches you that nothing can disturb your emotions when you start understanding your emotions and the reasons behind those emotions. So, handle your emotions and enjoy the journey of teaching and learning process.

In a nutshell-Emotional Intelligence for Professors

Emotional intelligence for professors is very important for the betterment of educational system of the world. Specially, empathy and handling frustration are the main points to sharpen the teaching skills of professors.