For getting success and happiness in life, goal setting is of core importance because it gives you direction to take actions in your life. For goal setting, to know about smart goals can enhance your speed of success.

Smart goal is an acronym of specific, measurable, achievable, and relevantly realistic and time bound goal. It can prove a magical thing in your both personal and professional life.

Now, we try to understand smart goal setting thoroughly by some examples.


Specific means your goal should be much specified regarding to your target. If you want to write one book on soft skills, specify your topics and define the exact date of completion. Moreover, don’t think about other things; just pay attention to focus on that work which you have decided to do.

Arjuna, a great warrior and hero of Mahabharata, is a famous example of specific goals. While teaching the techniques of archery, his mentor asked him what he was watching in the bird. Arjuna replied that he was seeing the eye of bird because he had to hit the eye of the wooden bird placed in the bird. He focused and won the competition while other fellows could not focus and lost the game.

Likewise, when you focus on the obstacles, you lose your goal; in the same way, if you focus on the goal, you are successful in minimizing your problems. Along with this, thinking about other type of books may mislead you from your specific goal.


It means, you should be able to measure your goal which is a great source of motivation for you. While writing book, if you have ten chapters in the book, make it sure to write at least one chapter in one month. This division can be done at micro level: from months to weeks, and then days.


When you know that 10% work has been done, your energy level exceeds to such a level where further working becomes easy and it is a key factor in goal setting.


Goal setting requires that possibility of things should be kept in mind because it may vary from person to person. Move from easy to difficult goals. In SMART goals, this point of being achievable is of core importance.

Relevantly realistic

In SMART goal setting, it is relative term which means that the goal should be relevantly realistic from the point of view of goal setter.

If a common person who does not know about any scientific principles, but claims to go on the surface of moon within ten days, he would not be able to achieve success. On the other hand, if Elon Musk claims the same thing, it can be true because he knows about the whole procedure.

Time bound

The capability of execution is such a thing which differentiates winners from losers. So many people have great ideas but don’t apply the formula of time bound and fall through in achieving goals.

In SMART goal setting, the point of time bound is very crucial because man has everything in excess except time. Draw the time line by using time management to achieve specific goals and you would be successful.

In a nutshell

Smart goal setting helps you in achieving your goals in the best possible way. It works like a blue print of your realistic goals. You come to know about the pros and cons of your goals in black and white which is of vital importance in success and happiness.