Effective parenting is both an art and science as your child is the combination of different things- some of which are understandable and measurable while others are not. Keeping this fact in mind, emotional intelligence for parents is very important because to understand emotions of a child is very challenging for a parent.

What is emotional intelligence

Daniel Goleman is a modern renowned personality working on the topic of emotional intelligence. According to him, emotional intelligence is to have a clear cut idea of your own emotions and then the utilization of those emotions for your betterment in a positive sense. Along with this, the understanding of the emotions of people who are with you and the use of their emotions for welfare of all is the next step.

Remaining motivated and optimistic is the core of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence for parents is also based on this philosophy of understanding and regulating emotions by maintaining optimism and motivation.

Now, let us understand the qualities of an emotionally intelligent parent.

Qualities of emotionally intelligent parents

Develop the following qualities if you want to be an emotionally intelligent parent.

Be an empathetic listener, not judgmental

Listening enables you to learn new things because it is one of the main sources of information for the mind. Being a parent, if you are able to listen empathetically, you are a great parent as you can come in contact with your child’s emotions.

Not listening empathetically leads you to be a judgmental parent which is a barrier to emotionally intelligent parent.

Finally, it can be said that being empathetic listener is one of the key qualities of emotional intelligence for parents.

Be able to regulate your emotions

Role modeling the best way to teach your child anything what you want. As a father or mother, if it is possible for you to channelize your emotions, your child will make it easy to do the same.

As it is said that your actions speak so louder that I cannot hear what you say. So, keeping this quote in mind, you should act on those pieces of advice which you want to say to your child.

Open mindedness and emotional intelligence

Capability to accept all the things and changes with open mindedness makes you an emotionally intelligent parent. First of all, you assess all the things by accepting the things with open mindedness. Later on, you make some plan to modify and amend it.

Apologize easily on the mistakes

Having flexible approach to handle things easily and smoothly is the quality of those parents who are emotionally intelligent. People commit mistakes but they are mostly not flexible to accept it. Contrary to that emotionally intelligent parents do not show rigidity to apologize on the mistakes which they have done.

So, be ready to apologize on your mistakes and fulfill one of the key factors of emotional intelligence for parents.

Follow rules; not dependent on mood

Make some defined rules to parent your child; don’t be dependent on mood swings. When everyone in your family has clear cut idea about rules in your home, it will be easy to assess the actions done by any person of your family.

On the other hand, if you are in a happy mood, you forgive bigger mistakes of your child and if you are in a bad mood, you give punishment on smaller things which hinders positive discipline strategies for parents.

So, make rules in the family and don’t be slave of your mood swings.

Use language of love and effectiveness

Emotionally intelligent parents use language of love and effectiveness because they know that love is more powerful than severity.

Be an emotionally intelligent parent and use the diction of sympathy and love because love makes you free from the troubles of life.

They have mutual goals

In the book, “Seven Habits of Highly Successful Families”, Stephen R Covey says that mutually defined and discussed goals lead you to build a successful family. Join the whole family while setting mutual goals and try to give importance to everyone’s point of view. During that discussion, no one should feel inferior or superior to other family members.

By following this technique, every person of your family will do her level best to achieve mutually designed goals and you will win the laurels in the end.

Physical movement is encouraged

As an emotionally intelligent parent, encourage your child to play, move and jump outdoor. In 2021, approximately, every child is busy in playing video games like pubg putting negative impact on the sensitive minds of children.

Its best solution is to provide facilities for playing in grounds and managing special time for family to go for outdoor activities. This will prove one of the finest activities of emotional intelligence for parents.

Digital well-being is given priority

Being an emotionally intelligent parent, you know that digital world has its pros and cons. So, you try your level best to use digital media and technology for the betterment of your child and family by following rules.

When you want from your child not to apply secret code on cell phone, you also open your cell phone for inspection. While eating on dining table, if you want eating time free from digital gadgets, put your cell phone away and switch off TV even. Focus on one another and you will start enjoying that time as a special time.

This will prove as one of the best tricks of emotional intelligence for parents.

In a nutshell- emotional intelligence for parents

Dear parent! These strategies of emotional intelligence for parents will be very effective in shaping your family, an ideal one. Your suggestions regarding emotional intelligence for parents will be highly welcomed in every sense.

Wish you happy and successful parenting.