Being the crown of creation, we have power of choice and decision and according to Tony Robbins’ powerful words, “Decisions determine destiny” decisions are very important in life.

Some might be thinking that human beings are enslaved in time and space but within these limitations, still we have power of decision and choice.

Our attitude in tough situations

As far as, decisions are concerned, in difficult situations, some people think that this is the time to test our courage and determination, while others are disappointed in the same situations. So, it is their personal decision that some are highly energetic while others are frustrated and disappointed.

Right decision at right time

If I ask a question from you that what situations are needed to be a successful person- family back ground, nurturing, family financial conditions, or education?

Your answer may be any one of these points or more than one also. No doubt, these all are helpful in shaping a successful personality but taking right decision on right time is the backbone of success and happiness.

How do decisions determine destiny?

The tragedy in life occurs when you don’t take right decision at that moment when it is needed. I am sharing a practical example with you. While traveling on roads, you observe dogs being crushed on roads; not cats, most of the time.

What is its reason?

The reason is simple- taking right decision at appropriate time. Dogs while crossing the roads think whether they can cross the road or not and in this condition of indecisiveness, they die. Contrary to this situation, cats have strong decision power. When they think, they can cross the road; they take step and cross the road.

This same philosophy is applied on our life. People taking more decisions normally achieve more success as compared to those who either don’t take decisions or take fewer decisions.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet and indecision

The protagonist of a classical drama ‘‘Hamlet’’ written by the greatest English dramatist, William Shakespeare, is Hamlet. Having so many good qualities, he is ranked a hero; but the challenge that he is facing, is procrastination– the worst enemy of the progress of man- especially modern man of present era. Hamlet does not take required action at a suitable time and faces grim tragedy.

Modern man and indecision

Modern man is indecisive in taking decisions. History is full of such people who were not so much talented but had the strong power  of decision_ they took decisions, some were good, others not, but ultimately they came to know how to take good decisions and achieved the desired results.

Story of a frog and procrastination

In my mind, a story of a frog which was procrastinating is flashing. A frog was put into a pot full of water and that pot was put on an oven. The fire was lit and the frog started enjoying hot water. But the problem was that the water was getting hotter and the frog was losing its energy to jump out of the pot.

Finally, when it came to know that the water was killing it, it tried to leap out of the pot but in vain. As a final point, it died because of not taking action at appropriate time.

This is termed as frog Syndrome which is commonly present in the people of this age.

The lesson that all of us can learn from this frog syndrome is to remain active to take action. The people who take sensible actions, no doubt, also face failures but ultimately they learn to take right actions also.

If a person takes action ten times; three times, he fails but seven times, he succeeds, is better than the person who never takes action keeping failure in mind.

In a nutshell

Concluding the discussion on taking actions and indecision, a great writer, trainer and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, has said, ‘‘Decisions change destinies’’