Lifeissometimes easy but most of the time, it is complex anddifficult. This is the reality and you can’t change this. This is the nature of things but you can make it easy for you by applying three ways to build resilience. Resilience means to come out of unfavourable conditions. It is the ability to overcome adversity. Everyone faces tragedy, trauma and threats in life and feels like getting down. If you want to get up quickly and live a happy life, you need to be resilient.

Threats, worries and loss come to everyone’s life, successful people learn to deal with them and the failure ones repent on their helplessness. Resilient people can easily cope with such issues as compared to those who are not resilient. Everyone wants to live a productive and happy life and for living a satisfying life, it’s important to build resilience.

Why be resilient

Sometimes, things do not happen in your favour but do not let the adversity affect you emotionally. Failure is not a problem but your reaction towards failure is responsible to make or mar your life. Resilience allows you to remain calm in unfavourable circumstances. Resilient people can return the situation to their advantage and avoid the loss.

How to build resilience

There are many ways to build resilience. Here I will explain the most important three ways to build resilience.

Focus on Your strengths and show flexibility

Instead of seeing the problem, start focusing on the solution. Bad situations often come in life but you need to know that the problems are not permanent. Joy is always there for you after the tragedy. Focusing on the bad and horrible side of the situation will make it bigger for you than it is. So, instead of getting upset about the worse situation of the problem, see for the positivity of the situation. Use your power of mind to find the solution.

History is full of such people who show resilience like Edhi, Obama, Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousaf Zai, Imran Khan, Gandhi, RJ Mohsin and many more. All these great personalities achieved higher level of success by demonstrating the power of resilience in tough conditions. These are the personalities who proved that difficult time comes on all; some become great, some become small.

To be resilient, you need to awaken the power of flexibility to be able to adapt to the different circumstances. Understand the problem and then take steps to cope with the issue. Share the problem with those who are close to you. Build the courage to take actions that seem better to you even if others say it is not the best.

Learn to take the big decisions at tough moments to show resilience.

You can’t change life but you can change your strategy to deal with things. Work, health, family problems, personal relationships, life hits you in many ways. Resilence is needed to cope with all such issues. Instead of reacting without thinking about the consequences, understand the matter and then take action. Problems are not in your control, what you can control is your reaction towards the circumstances.

Focusing on your strengths and showing flexibility are very important among three ways to build resilience.

Face failure and build connections

People are usually afraid of failure because they consider it the end of their success and happiness. Well, failure is not a threat or tragedy; it’s the part of success. You might feel it difficult to rise again at that time but if you are resilient, it will be easy for you. Mental strength helps you in building resilience. Those who have the ability to bear the loss can recover it quickly and calmly. Failures in life are there to teach you and to let you know about your abilities. Learn from your mistakes and they will lead you to success.

d build connections

To bear failures and seeing the positive side of situation, your positive and healthy social relationships are the key to resilience. Develop strong relationships with those who are more resilient towards stress in both personal and professional life. It helps in building resilience towards threats and fears.

Building strong connections with people help in boosting resilience by enhancing confidence as we naturally look to our social network for help whether they offer us emotional or financial help. We can share our happiness and sorrows with them as they help us feel less stressed and more relaxed.

Building resilience leads you to a happy life. Without resilience, it’s difficult to live a satisfied, creative and productive life as resilience does not allow you to be an unhappy and angry person. To lead a happy life, resilience is important.

Making a way of success from the forest of failures is one of three ways to build resilience.


Having self-belief is pivotal among three ways to build resilience. You know that belief is the birth of excellence. I have already written a detailed article on the topic of success beliefs and its crux is that man is what he believes.

Resilience is about taking out the best of what seems the worst. Self-confidence is very important in building resilience. If you are confident in yourself, you can take the risks that you need to go ahead. You will not get disappointed or afraid when things don’t work out. We are often told, “You are stronger than you think”. So, be confident and make positive steps and improvements because you never know how bright your future can be.

So, follow the three ways to build resilience in challenging situations and share with others, if you feel worth sharing because sharing is caring.