An objective test is a type of test that has right or wrong answers. Objective tests are compared with subjective tests.  In objective tests, you tick the right answer; this type of test consumes less time as compared to subjective tests.

Among all tests, objective tests are popular. Objective tests are beneficial for both the candidate and checker and can be mastered by following study tips for exams. Because these type of tests are easy to prepare and quick to mark, you can prepare these types of tests by less effort and make the results rapidly.  For example, if you checked MCQs type test, it is easy to make its result in less time because you check it by following answer key.

When you are preparing for this type of test, think about one thing from different ways. Thinking with different ways about one thing helps you to increase your critical thinking strategies and skills.

Merits and demerits of objective tests

Following are the merits and demerits of objective tests:

Merits of objective tests:

The objective tests have following merits:

  1. Due to modern technology, educational system is also modern and this test system is suitable for the modern educational system, especially in situations like covid-19.
  2. In impartial tests system, your marks and questions are free from the personal factors of the teacher because this system is designed in a logical way following objectivity.
  3. In impartial tests, your exam score is not affected by the mood of the examiner because examiner follows the key of answer, not his personal factors as liking or disliking.
  4. In impartial tests, only concepts are a good way of getting good grades, luck and cramming do not works effectively.
  1. If we compare it with essay questions, it takes less time to answer the questions than essay questions.
  2. In this test system, there is no need to worry about writing speed, paper presentation, style and hand writing.
  3. This test system is a good way of judging students’ mental level, thinking level, concepts and decision making power about relevant things.

Demerits of objective tests:

The objective tests have the following limitations or demerits:

  1. In this test system, you can pass the exams by guess.  
  2. These tests generally examine the power of memory and understanding, not your creativity.
  3. Unbiased tests are not about your written and creative ability.  It only about logic and concepts.
  4. It is commonly said that the objective assessments are fail to check student’s ability to explore ideas.
  5. Like essay questions, this test also fails to test the character building aspects.
  6. As objective assessments are easy to check and prepare, due to this reason, these test systems destroy hardworking skills of students.
  7. Some of the students pass these types of exams by cheating.

Types of objective test

Following are the main types of objective tests:

Matching test

In matching test, questions are designed to measure the ability to identify the relationship between a set of similar items. In objective assessment, the matching test format consists of two columns of same category. Students are allowed to match column ‘A’ with column ‘B’ with relevant data.

MCQs Test

The full form of MCQs is multiple choice questions. In MCQs, you have four or more than four options. In four options, you have to choose the most correct answer. In this type of objective quizzes, you can choose the right answer by following concentration skills and using concepts.

True-false test

True-false test contains statements that the student marks as being either true or false. Before each statement, there are two options like [T/F]. If the statement is right, you have to tick the option of true “T”, if it is wrong; you tick the other option which is “F”.  


In this type of objective test, some sentences are given. Two words that are correct and incorrect are mentioned. Underline or tick the correct answer.