critical thinking skills

Critical thinking skills are the expertise of using reason and logic to dig deeper and analyze the things critically. Critical thinking is not about discerning more or thinking stiffer; it is about thinking healthier.

To think critically is to scrutinize ideas, assess them against what you already know and make conclusions about their worth. The aim of critical thinking is to do an effort to maintain an “objective” position.

During the process of critical thinking, you see a problem from every angle and consider those aspects also which normally people ignore while handling different challenges.

So, critical thinking skills entail:

  • Seeking actively all the sides and aspects of an argument
  • Testing the soundness of the claims made
  • Assessing the soundness of the evidence used to support the statements

Elements involved in critical thinking skill

Critical thinking abilities are based on the following elements which can be mastered easily. Acquaint yourself with these major ideas to become a better critical thinker.

Open – mindedness

A person who wants to develop critical thinking skills about anything must be open-minded. Open mindedness is a positive quality, especially for those who want to develop critical thinking.

To be a critical thinker, it is important to come out of the well of limited approach and consider about others ideas and perspectives. As a critical thinker, one of the most significant benefits of being more open-minded is that your existing beliefs are challenged more or less and you have to reshape them.

Also, considering innovative ides gives you fresh insight about the world and human psychology.

Good analysis

Good analysis is a part of critical thinking skills. It is the ability to carefully examine something.  By using critical thinking strategies and skills, you are able to analyze the things in the best possible way by observing its pros and cons.

Critical analysis lets you to have grander precision on the problems and data you process. Analyze information to determine its reliability and to understand it well enough to further conclusions. This is one of the most important aspects of critical thinking skills.

Problem solving

After you have identified and analyzed a problem and chosen a solution, the final step is to execute your solution.  The solution that comes by applying critical thinking skills leads you to problem solving which are your final smart goals.

Most probably, you come up with new ideas to solve a problem when you use your critical thinking strategies.


By observing logically, things can be seen and organized from different angles. You also consider the opinions of others who are around you because everyone’s idea is very important while taking decisions.

If you have critical thinking skills of decision making it is good for you because employers highly seek candidates with strong decision make skills. Decision making is also play pivotal role to enhance you critical thinking skills.

Effective communication

If you want to be a critical thinker, you must be able to explain your conclusions to others in a convincing manner. Effective communication is a major part of your critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skills and communication are complexly connected.

Effect communication requires clarity of thought, ability to listen intentionally and deliver messages in the best possible way. So, improve your communication skills to be an effective critical thinker.


Among the most important critical thinking skills, self-improvement is very crucial by having a clear cut idea of the situation of your mind. Self-improvement lets you identify your personal strengths. The first step of self-improvement requires you to become more self-aware and get to know yourself better.

By nurturing and playing on your strength, you are more likely to attain success and improve you critical thinking skills.

Benefits of critical thinking

Critical thinking skills are good for society as a whole, but there are some benefits of critical thinking on an individual level. Why is critical thinking important for us?

Key for career success

Critical thinking skill are very helpful in your career because these help in building deep understanding. Not just for scientists, but lawyer, doctor’s reporters, engineers and all others have to use critical thinking skills in their positions

Better decision making

There is no doubt about it that critical thinkers make the best choices. Problems of daily life are settled because of thinking and analyzing critically. It helps us to take better decisions by detaching ourselves from the situation.

Form well-informed opinions

There is no shortage of information coming at us from all angles. And that is exactly why we need to use our critical thinking skills and decide for ourselves what to believe.

By applying critical thinking skill, we come to know that what is right thinking and what is wrong which ultimately leads us to find the best options possible.

Promotes curiosity

Critical thinkers are constantly curious about all kinds of things in life and tend to have a wide range of interest. Critical thinkers are in search of logic trying to satiate their quest of learning the deeper things not seen normally by using the techniques of what, when, where, whom, who etc.

Allows for creativity

Critical thinkers are also highly creative thinkers and see themselves as limitless when it comes to possibilities. Edward de Bono is a great name regarding creative thinking. He has given the idea of different types of thinking which have the capability to solve the world level issues also, if applied properly. Six thinking hats philosophy is an example in this regard.

Enhances problem solving skills

People with critical thinking skills are able to solve problems. By using these skills, leaders, educators and scientists can solve the burning issues of humanity.

Creates independence

When we think critically, we think on our own as we trust over selves more. Critical thinking skill enable us think independently and form our own opinions.

Crucial life skill

Critical thinking is crucial not just for learning but also for overall life. Education is not just a way to prepare ourselves for life; it is pivotal skill to survive life with ease.