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Childhood brain development: Don’t make these Mistakes, do this instead.

Why is Childhood Brain Development Important?

What is The Most Critical Period for kid Brain Development?

Things to Do for Brain Development in Early Childhood

Things to Avoid for Child’s Brain Development

Final Thoughts

Why is Childhood Brain Development Important?

A child’s brain development in early childhood is as crucial as healthy nutrition. It increases a child’s curiosity about the things around him and makes him a profound learner. Moreover, several personality traits such as self-discipline, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, and analytical reasoning are also the results of healthy childhood brain development. Therefore, as a parent, you must focus on your infant’s mental development.

What is The Most Critical Period for Childhood Brain Development?

The first two years of your child’s birth are the most critical in brain development, as in this period, a child’s brain grows and learns at the fastest rate. Furthermore, these years shape your child’s abilities and have long-lasting impacts on your baby’s life.

Things to Do for Brain Development in Early Childhood

  • Pay attention to nutrition. Poor nutrition can affect your child’s brain development in addition to physique. Hygienic foods like walnuts, greenly leaves, fish, milk, eggs, and berries can boost childhood brain development.
  • Concentrate on your child’s thinking. Engaging her in a conversation makes her mind sharp and active. Ask your child questions that involve reasoning her reasoning power. For instance, you can ask her why she likes ice cream or what she sees while riding in the car. Since children learn through listening, questioning, and observing, you should act and speak what you want your baby to say and act.
  • Let your toddler play as much as possible. It allows the baby’s brain to learn through her observations. Constructive games such as stacking blocks, creating LEGO structures, painting, drawing, and the like increase her imagination, creativity, problem-solving, and planning skills. Moreover, many ball games enable the children to understand the effect of gravity and so on. Besides that, you should also play games with them.
  • Keep your baby comfortable and happy. Your baby may experience stress that can affect the baby’s mental health. The baby may get stressed if she encounters sleep disturbance, is ill-clad, or is exposed to too much stimulation.
  • Read some stories with them. Even though young children do not recognize letters and words, story reading initiates communication skill development. Rereading the same stories starts wiring their brain and connects your words and visuals on the pages.

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Things to Avoid for Childhood Brain Development

  • Avoid quick snacks, candies, sugary and caffeinated foods, and drinks. Processed food like chips, pizzas, and noodles can influence the mood and behavior of your toddler. Such items can cause headaches and gastro problems. Moreover, consumption of caffeinated items such as chocolates, ice creams, and flavored breakfast products may result in sleep disturbance, increased blood pressure, and health rate.
  • Avoid family violence. It might seem alarming, but the reality is the opposite. It can impair your child’s neural connections, harming her psychology and sending her into a panic mood. Such encounters make children sensitive and affect emotional brain development.
  • Avoid scolding your toddler. Some parents scold their children to discipline them. It harms them emotionally and makes them timid and rebellious.
  • Don’t be a bad listener. Although your child’s broken talk can be non-sense to you, you must listen to her. It has several positive outcomes. It builds trust and strengthens the bond between you and your child stronger. Above all, it encourages self-esteem and social skills in your toddler.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, parents should be meticulous about childhood development, especially in the first two years of a child’s birth. In addition, above are some prominent tips to boost brain development in infancy, followed by things that parents should avoid which can maximize mental health.

Sub Writer: Hafiz Muhammad Danish