In this smart world, to have the idea about average parent vs smart parent is imperative because it paves your way to effective parenting. Every parent tries her level best to nurture her child in the best possible way, but, subconsciously, sometimes, parents commit some severe mistakes and damage the parent child relationships.

Let us try to analyze average parent vs smart parent.

Difference between average parent and smart parent

Following points will explain the main differences of an average parent vs smart parent in detail.

Being a smart parent, you explain each and everything in detail to your child adopting the quality of authoritative parenting style. It is a common phenomenon that your child does not accept those things which are illogical or baseless. So, smart parents tell the reason behind any action taken in the favor of child.

On the other hand, average parents do not explain the reasons of action and as a result, are unable to inspire child for that thing. You cannot handle your child like a machine or robot as she is a human being having all the faculties of thinking and feeling.

Suggestion to average parents is that they should use emotional intelligence, especially on teenagers because by harnessing your child’s emotion may help you in the process of good parenting.

Believes in open communication

The basic purpose of effective communication is change of mind by accepting new ideas and a smart parent knows it in a better way. If you are a smart parent, you will try your level best to allow your child to communicate openly and effectively which plays an important role in maintaining parent child relationships.

As compared to the smart parent, an average parent does not know what effective and open communication is. We can say that average parent is like an authoritarian parent who does not believe in flexibility; rather, she adopts dictatorship approach.

Finally, allow your child to communicate openly. In this way, you are in a better position to guide your child in a successful way. Otherwise, your child will do mistakes and blunders in life but not share with you. In the end, it will create massive issues in your life.

Finds the main reason behind every issue

Smart parent is not such type of parent who is superfluous in her conduct; rather, she finds the reason of any unusual action taken by child.

Being a parent, sometimes, you find that your child is angry and beating her siblings. Digging down, you come to know that your child was beaten by her mom early in the morning. You know the main reason of her misbehavior and remove it by requesting her mom not to repeat such conduct next time. Repeated efforts by showing consistency bring fruit and all are changed with the passage of time.

To know about average parent vs smart parent is very effective in parenting process because you know the mistakes done during your parenting journey.

Helps child finding unique potential

Comparison and competition are two common diseases which are unfortunately injected in child by two great personalities unknowingly.

Now here average parent vs smart parent philosophy plays a significant role. Average parent believes in conventional views of success

Presents herself as a role model

You as a smart parent know that your actions speak louder than your words. Being a smart parent, you do not believe just on giving pieces of advice to your child; your character teaches your child that what is right and what is wrong.

An average parent says that she cannot do good deeds because of some limitations but you should do. This kind of approach is useless in practical life because it is ineffective and does not produce any change.

In a nutshell, clarity of difference between an average parent vs smart parent is necessary for effective parenting.

Shows flexibility regarding mistakes

If you are a smart parent, you will be flexible in your approach to life, skills, knowledge and learning. Committing mistakes is part of life and essential for learning because it is not possible to do each and everything in a right way. Both you and your child commit mistakes while learning and even in our daily life which testify that we are human beings, not supernatural creatures.

Shows flexibility regarding mistakes

On every single mistake, if you get angry, your child will be fearful in doing mistakes and her learning process will become slow down. If you do such things, you come under the category of an average parent.

On the other hand, if you say to your child that if you do any mistake; you should think that you are trying new ways in life, not the just trodden ways of life. So, allow your child to take calculated risks and help her walk on the path of success and happiness.

In a nutshell

This piece of writing, average parent vs smart parent will be very helpful for your parenting journey. Analyze your parenting style and if necessary, reshape it as soon as is possible.