In this fast age of industry, science and technology where everyone is talking about material gains, no doubt, effective parenting is a challenging phenomenon. Taking your child on the right trek of values and morality is a Herculean task because of so many variables affecting the process of good parenting. 7 Things Parents should never say to their kids

While parenting, there are some things parents should never say to their kids as these things put negative impact on the mental and psychological growth of kids.

Following are the 7 things parents should never say to their kids.

I wish you had not been born

Being angry, you as a parent can lose your control and say to your child “I wish you had not been my issue or you had not been born”. This sentence smashes your child’s inner confidence. So, avoid it to improve your parenting style.

Your friends and siblings are better

Don’t compare your child with her other siblings or friends because comparison snatches your child’s real happiness and makes her frustrated even after having a lot of things.

The main problem of comparison is that your child’s mind is shifted to those things which he does not have forgetting the concept of attitude of gratitude. This is very important thing among seven things parents should never say to their kids.

Don’t be dramatized

Expressing emotions is the need of your child and if you say to her, “Don’t be dramatized”, you are giving her a message that she should suppress her emotions which will harm her personality.

You are selfish

Saying your child, “You are selfish” comes in the category of labeling your child which performs the role of poison for your child. No one likes to be labeled including your own child as this labeling produces negativity about herself in your child’s mind. So, avoid using such words for your child.

Never commit this mistake again

Your child learns by committing mistakes as there is no other way of learning and innovation. Thomas Edison committed 9999 times mistakes to invent bulb. Today’s bulb is the gift of mistakes committed by Edison.

Keeping this positive aspect in mind, allow your child to commit as many mistakes as are possible assuring the safety of your child and she will do something, you will be proud of in the days to come.

My kid! You can do everything

No doubt, your child has some unique qualities given by nature but she does not have all the qualities to do everything or handle all the things. It is not possible for you and your child to be expert in everything. Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence says that every child is blessed with one, two or three types of intelligence, not all.

So, as a parent, keep in mind that every child is not born to be a great leader. Some are followers also. Assess the qualities of your kid and guide her accordingly.

Don’t say negative things about yourself

Some parents have the habit of saying negative things about themselves in front of their kids which has harmful impact on the kids. I don’t want you to say that tell a lie with your child about your life. Just say those things which have positive impact on the mind of your child.

In a nutshell

During childhood, your child’s mind is shaped and equipped day in and day out; so, avoid using those things parents should never say to their kids.

7 Things Parents should never say to their kids