Enjoying friendly life with children is every parent’s dream including you in this age of social media and internet where every child desires to stuck in her own friendly circle. Your child wants to be friendly with you but she does not know how to have friendly relationship as her thinking and understanding level is not as high as is yours. Being parent, it is your responsibility to know about the ways to build friendship with your kid because you are senior and know the meaning and importance of friendship

.Let us understand together to know the ways to build friendship with your kid.

Know about your child deeply

Knowing each other is the basis of any relationship, especially friendship.

If ask you, “Do you know your child’s strengths and weaknesses?”

Knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of your child allows you to build healthy and strong relations with her. Keep in mind that being friend, you know your friend’s positive and negative things but still accept her whole heartedly. Try to be the student of your kid because a student is open for learning new things about her topic; so be ready to learn much more about your child.                                        

Make life time commitment with your kid

Giving surety to your child that whatever happens, you will live with her through thick and thin, is one of the surest ways to build friendship with you kid.

Don’t scold your child

When you insult your child- either justified or unjustified- you weaken the relationship of respect and honor. Psychologists recommend that appreciate your child in front of the people as it enhances the self-honor of your child. If you want to teach something to your child, teach her alone as it will not damage your child’s self-esteem.

You can understand it easily by thinking about yourself as you want the same respect and conduct for yourself.

Don’t compare your child with others

These days, mostly, untrained parents try to compare the performance and grades of their kids with her friends which has bad impact on building relationships. Highly toxic phenomenon is your kid’s comparison with her own siblings because it causes enmity in your kid’s mind against her brothers and sisters.

So, avoid comparison at any cost to have friendly relationship with your kid.

Touch & hug your child

Touching and hugging can be at the top level among all the ways to build friendship with your kid because it shows closeness with your child. While touching to your kid, some hormones of happiness and relaxation are released having positive impact on the behavior of your child.

Schedule quality time together

In this mechanical age where money and status are considered the symbols of success and happiness, some parents replace quality time for kids with material things. This is not a mistake, but a blunder to create disparity between you and your kid. Material things can never ever replace quality time.

Think for a moment that sincerity and true love of your child when he grows young can be interchanged by her material help to you in your old age.

Spare as much time as is possible

The most precious gift of the world is giving quality time to your child; so, spare as much time as is possible with your child. One thing worth keeping in mind is the enjoyment of that spare time; not full of just pieces of advice which no child likes to listen.

Be an empathetic listener for your child

Be such a parent who is ever ready to listen to her kid empathetically and unconditionally. Your empathetic listening to your child helps you deeply understand your kid’s emotions and feelings. Actually, having empathetic attitude regarding your child is supportive during your effective parenting process. Empathy

In a nutshell

Dear parent! “8 ways to build friendship with your kid” surely has the magical power to develop friendship with your child. Among these ways to build friendship with your kid, the most important ways are avoiding scolding, giving quality time to your kids, knowing your child and empathetic listening.

Follow these ways and become a friendly parent of your kid.

If you as a parent have some other ways to build friendship with your kid, please do share with us in the comment box and we will them the part of our articles.

Wish you happy and successful parenting.