Adapt your Learning Style to Teaching Methods

As you know that everyone is unique in this world either to some or much extent. So, different students learn and absorb things from different learning styles. A learning style is a way from which you learn new things. Different teachers have different styles of teaching and being a student, you are to align yourself with the style of your teachers.

The four most important styles of learning are as follows:

Visual learners

Auditory learners

Kinesthetic learners

Read and write learners

While teaching in the classrooms, teachers also have these methods of learning in mind and use loud voice, charts, graphs, white boards, projectors and different other activities to maximize learning of all the students sitting in the class.

Visual learners

It is a style of learning in which students can learn new things or understand lectures by using graphs, maps and pictures. They can learn and communicate through this style of learning.

Auditory learners

This auditory style of learning is a communicating learning style. In this style, students learn things by listening, by discussing in groups or by memorizing and debating in class. These learners prefer audiobooks on print books.

Kinaesthetic leaners

In this style of learning, students’ learning process is based on their whole body involvement. These types of leaners use their gestures to communicate ideas. They use their hands to touch and handle something or understand it.

Reading and Writing learners

These learners are very common. Most of the students learn through reading and writing process. This learn style is easiest learning style.

All four learning styles are best at their own place. But you should be careful about your teacher’s teaching method. Different teachers teach with different styles. First of all, you should recognize your teacher’s teaching method. After recognition, think which learn style is suitable with your teacher’s teaching method.

You cannot learn all things from same learn style. Adopt those learning styles which are inter-related with your teacher’s method.