As a parent, if you are struggling to search the best parenting style that can be applied on your child, the authoritative parenting style is the best one among the four.

Now, you might be thinking that how I can claim that authoritative parenting style is the most effective parenting style to nurture kids.

Its answer is hidden in this question, “What are the main things in effective parenting?”

Dear parents, the balance of responsiveness and demand are the two main points in effective parenting and authoritative parenting style is based on these two factors.

Apart from authoritative parenting style, there are three other parenting styles: authoritarian parenting style; permissive parenting style, and uninvolved parenting style in which there in imbalance of responsiveness and expectations.

Let us shortly understand one by one but authoritative parenting style in detail.

Authoritarian parenting style and its flaw

In authoritarian parenting style, you, as a parent, show high level of demanding approach without telling the reason of any action or order for your child but your level of responsiveness is very low. The main flaw of this type of parenting style is dictatorship parenting approach in which implementation of orders is more important than discussion and logic.

Lack of confidence and self esteem are the major challenges being faced by the children of such parents.

Permissive parenting style and its flaw

As far as permissive parenting style is concerned, you as a parent fulfill your responsibility regarding the provision of facilities, but, don’t know what your child is doing. Careless attitude towards the life of your child is the main flaw of this type of parenting style.

Disobedience and lack of fulfilling responsibilities are the main problems faced by such children.

Uninvolved parenting style and its flaw

Extreme level of carelessness regarding your child’s activities and future planning are the major flaws of this parenting style. You as a parent are deadly busy in your own routine of life ignoring your responsibilities concerning your child.

Children of such parents become drinkers, smokers, or gamblers, not performing well in practical life.

Authoritative parenting style

The most successful parenting style up till now is authoritative parenting style as it is based on the principles of psychology keeping the psyche of children in mind.

Qualities of authoritative parenting style

Following are the qualities of authoritative parenting style.

Balance between responsiveness and expectations

Parents applying authoritative parenting style maintain balance between expectations and responsibilities. They know that children do commit mistakes as they are human beings, not angels. Not having the approach of perfection helps authoritative parents to enjoy the process of parenting. In addition to this, such parents’ expectations are also based on reality.

All these qualities collectively allow such parents to be the best parents.

Emotionally intelligent parents

These days, emotional intelligence for parents is of crucial importance and authoritative parents are emotionally intelligent as they know that emotions are very powerful. So, these parents work on their own emotions by learning through different sources.

They also know the process of their children’s emotional regulation which assists them to enjoy the journey of effective parenting.

Maintaining discipline

Maintaining discipline among children is a very challenging task, especially in the 21st century where cartoons have made them approximately uncontrolled creature. But, authoritative parents don’t use spanking and such type of other techniques to handle kids. They do struggle and use logic to produce a sense of balance among the kids.

Qualities of authoritative parents’ kids

Infusing decision power to your kids is the top most quality of authoritative parenting style. And, you know that most of the children don’t succeed in practical life just because of the lack of decision power.

Furthermore, this parenting style leads your child towards independence as she develops the potential of handling tasks independently due to the power of taking appropriate decisions at appropriate time. Along with this, children of authoritative parents are flexible and lenient because of the flexibility and leniency shown by the parents.

Mostly, such children are not addicted to drinking and gambling because they are mentally sound and physically energetic.

All these qualities lead these kids towards success, satisfaction, relaxation and peacefulness, resultantly shaping them as super achievers on the pages of human history.

In a nutshell

As a parent, do your level best to understand the qualities of authoritative parenting style to uplift your child morally, ethically, socially and emotionally. The most important characteristics of authoritative parenting style are democratic values- giving respect to the opinions of the children and solving the challenges of life by making proper discussion.

Wish you happy and successful parenting.