Goleman’s Emotional intelligence for teachers is as significant as is soul to our body. Understanding and implementation of basic concept of Goleman’s emotional intelligence leads you to the highest level of teaching and training.

A teacher must possess knowledge of the following four pillars of Goleman’s emotional intelligence.

Recognize emotions

Nonverbal receptions and facial expressions such as happiness, sadness, anger, and fear in human beings are understood universally.

The faculty to perfectly identify emotions on the face or in the voice of others gives a vital starting point for more sophisticated understanding of emotions. For instance, just seeing student’s face, we understand whether he or she is sad or in trouble and we may ask her, ‘Is something wrong?’ Only hearing one’s voice over phone, we judge that something is wrong with her and spontaneously, we ask, ‘Are you ok?’

Utilizing emotions to ease mind-set 

This is the capability of the emotions to direct the cognitive system and advance thinking and assist positive thinking related to life challenges that are in fact significant.

Utilizing emotions to ease mind-set 

Many researchers have recommended that emotions are imperative for definite kind of originality to appear. For instance, if one doesn’t realize the starvation of another, he can’t get the attention of serving the deprived. If the teacher fails to know the flaw of students, he can’t develop ways to solve students’ problems.  

Understanding emotions

Emotions communicate their own pattern of promising messages, and measures related with those messages. They are attached with the ability to rationale about those meanings. For example, if a student shows poor participation in particular subject, it means the student feels strange to the group or lessons.

Managing emotions 

It has been judged that emotions can finally be managed. To a great extent, it can be under control, a person may want to stay open to emotional signs so long as, the emotions are not too aching, and it is necessary to block out those that are devastating.

Within the person’s emotional region, it is possible to control and administer one’s own and others’ emotions so as to encourage one’s own and others’ personal and social goals.

It is certain that emotionally intelligent teacher by following Goleman’s emotional intelligence can guide students in a better and smooth way.

Five factors of Goleman’s emotional intelligence

It is constructive to look at Goleman’s emotional intelligence before analyzing emotional fitness of teachers.

Five factors of Goleman’s emotional intelligence

Goleman’s emotional intelligence for teachers can be categorized into the following components: 

Emotional self-awareness 

The person, who has emotional intelligence, identifies his or her emotions and the reasons of those emotions in a better way.

Managing one’s own emotions

The person with emotional intelligence controls his or her emotions easily and carefully rather than just reacting to a situation only on the basis of urge generated by an emotion-generating event.


Emotional intelligence helps teachers or the people in utilizing emotions to make best use of intellectual processing and decision-making.

Developing empathy

The teacher or person gets awareness and talent in recognizing the thoughts of others. He or she is empathetic and this feeling of empathy gives him or her ability to help the poor so that they may also enjoy the happiness of life in a smooth way.

Effective Relationship

Goleman’s emotional intelligence helps teachers to build effective relationship with the students. It is an art of social relationships and managing emotions of others. The high emotional intelligent teachers can communicate with productive end in mind.

In a nutshell

Crux of the whole discussion is to know your own emotions and of your students and utilization of those emotions to reach the maximum level of productivity. As a famous maxim, personal victory leads to public victory; so self-control leads you to public control.

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Wish you happy and successful journey of teaching.