In such busy and fast life, positive parenting solutions are the need of the hour because you as parents don’t have time to pay attention towards your children. You are busy in your jobs, business and work in order to earn money to fulfill your worldly needs. Usually, a parent feels that she is providing food, clothes, education and residence which are enough for her child. Sometimes, she fails to give proper time, affection, appreciation and negotiation in order to know if there is any problem or any other need.

Positive Parenting

After studying the articles, booklets and speeches of different scholars and psychologists, I am going to give some positive parenting solutions. I hope these will prove beneficial for you as parent which will help you in handling your child. As parent it is your obligation to spare time for your child so that you may know the position of your child and her requirements. And if there is some problem with your child, it is your duty to find solution to that problem.

Following positive parenting solutions and techniques will help you a lot in this regard.

Detect behavior of your child

As parent, your first positive parenting solution is that you should develop close relation with your child and try to detect her behavior by showing great affection. In this way, if you come to know what your child performs well, you should appreciate and encourage her for it. If it is possible, provide gift to your child praising her good behavior and performance.

Your encouragement will boost your child to bring further positive changes in her behavior and activities and she will endeavor to perform such superb tasks that label her great name and fame in the society. If you, as parent, succeed in it, it will give you true happiness and success. You should find further ways to extend those accomplishments to pursue other ideas.

Use  the right words at the right time

The next positive parenting solution for parents is to say right words at the right time because it is effective and brings positive results. When there is time to praise, praise promptly without any delay as your timely appreciation will develop great affection in your child for you and her belief in you will also be strengthened.

Being a parent, you must know that timing is the key to effective praise. You must know what are right words and when is the right time to use those words. Choice of suitable and relevant words is essential.

As a responsible parent, you should offer an authentic praise and encouragement whenever your child shows any success whether in the field of education or play. And, your actions should seem phony and louder. Doing this encouragement and praise infront of the people can give you magical results.

Reward your child on her success

The 3rd positive parenting solution is to give reward to your child on her success. Being a parent, you can give gold stars, shields, gold and silver cups that your child can cash in for a reward. This will give your child real world goals and long term motivation and she will leave no stone unturned in accomplishing her goals which will give you true felicity.

Your reward encourages your child in achieving aims and performing great achievements. Your praise is of great importance for her because it gives her consolidation and she becomes bold, energetic and strong. Her level of performing increases and she faces the challenges bravely. 

Magnify your explanations of achievements

The 4th positive parenting solution is to increase, expand or magnify your explanations about successes and achievements to your child so that she may further endeavor great achievements. As parent, when you explain and motivate your child, she sets high goals and starts trying to gain her goals with determination and consistency. Chasing her goals, she becomes famous and causes respect for her parents and for herself. She and her parents are respected and honored.

 I advise you that as a parent, you should help your child in setting high goals by motivating and encouraging that she has potential to gain her ambition and even conquer the world.   

 Establish discipline justly and unswervingly

The 5th positive parenting solution is to establish discipline justly and unswervingly for you and your child so that the habit of following the rules may develop. Your child will learn how to lead a disciplined life. She will become regular and consistent in her work that is necessary to achieve extra ordinary success in life.

Without regularity, justice and consistency, it is very difficult to reach to set and get goals. Consistency will help your child face all the challenges and reach destination by obtaining her ambition. This positive parenting solution of consistency doesn’t give your child a free pass but procedures and ways that help your child achieve success.

Use consequences method, Positive Parenting Solutions

The 6th positive parenting solution is to use consequences method that is considered the most effective method for guiding your child in a positive way. As a parent, you consciously note good along with the bad even when punishment is necessary. You can give example to your child that if she puts her hand in fire it burns her hand. In same way if anyone does any thing wrong or bad, she may get punishment. So, it is a good idea to try to avoid wrong, bad and negative activities as non sensible person likes it.

 Instead, she should adopt good and positive activities because these activities are acceptable and praise worthy. Everyone wants to be praised and admired and nobody wants to be hated or humiliated. Surely, your child would like to adopt that is good and avoid that is wrong, as, she likes to be praised and admired.

The credibility problems can also be handled in this method. That’s when you as parents tell your child that if they do a certain bad thing there is possibility that its consequence can be punishment of nature. If one doesn’t know how to swim and jumps or dives in deep water, one can be drowned, that is the consequence of one’s action, which is against the nature.

You, as a parent, should sometimes arrange programs for recreation. To fulfill this process, you can announce, “Children we are all going out Friday night for dinner and a movie but In order to go, you must keep your room clean and finish your home work or the work which you have been assigned”.

Dear parents, one thing you have to remember in this regard is to assign as much work as your child easily and happily can perform. If you assign difficult job, she will be unable to do and she will try to avoid you. Don’t ask your child for work again and again as her belief on you of facilitating the problem will disappear and she will think that you are just loading work and increasing her problems.

How to handle stubborn child

The 7th positive parenting solution is how to handle stubborn child and I hope that this will help your child cooperate how much stubborn he is. Normally it has been observed that a stubborn child refuses to listen because the stubborn child thinks she’s in charge. The narrow-minded child engrosses in power struggles. As responsible parent using following ways enables you to turn your stubborn child into a “Yes!” cooperator.

Child positive
  • As it is a common observed fact that excess of every thing is bad, if you involve your child in too many activities that can cause stubbornness in your child. To avoid this havoc, you should create a routine for your child with enough sleep, regular meals, and some activities with fun and refreshment.

At the end of the day before going to bed, call your child in happy atmosphere and first appreciate her work and then ask her if there is some problem in her way.  Praise your child on her good activity in front of whole family but point out her bad activities separately in separate room saying your child, “You are good and I appreciate and love you but your behavior is not proper that is driving you to bad side. And, I hope being a good girl, you will try to get rid of bad behavior and adopt good behavior that will lead you to success”.  

  • When she involves in power struggles, being parent, you should give her two choices. “You have two choices either this or that”.  
  • At least, manage daily quality time and chats with your child and your caring chats will generate a warm connection with your child. I think your daily pleasant meeting with your child will produce good results and she will start cooperating and trusting you.
  • Now there is an important thing for you, dear parent, that you should avoid solving too many problems of your child. Rather you should ask, “My child, now, I think you would solve it yourself, as you have potential to do it and you can do it”. In this way she herself will become problem solver and her confidence level will increase which will give you true happiness.                                                                            
  • If you observe, the level of your child’s stubbornness has increased so much that she doesn’t listen; you first try to find what she ultimately wants and what she likes best in dinner, arrange that and during the meal try to find out the reasons by convincing her  that her requirements will be fulfilled.

After knowing her demands, fulfill her positive demands in a praising way that she is good and her choices are marvelous. Your praising remarks will bring her close to you and she will start listening to you. Now you should make strategy to guide your child not to fulfill her bad desires saying, “You are marvelously good and have positivity to a great extent and I hope that bad or negative choices can’t be yours”.

Being parent your this model and role-play will work. Polite speaking and listening skills, eye contact, full attention and questioning is the key role on your part in guiding your child.

If you have two or more children, involve them in moral activities of reading moral stories and moral poems. Involve yourself with your children in discussion about character building poems and moral stories. This practice will bring your children close to you.

From the beginning, keep your control like authoritative parents that will bring positive changes in your children’s character and behavior. Positive Parenting Solutions

In a nutshell

In this age of technology and internet when parenting has become a big challenge for both old and new parents, this article on positive parenting solutions is a boon for parents. Using right words at a right time, do good and have good, reward system and handling stubborn children are the key factors to learn from this article.

By: Ajmal Dass Jaipal

Co-author: Mumtaz Hussain