Prof Ajmal Dass Jaipal as an IELTS Instructor

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The psychology of 20th century student has changed; he wants a teacher who not only guides him in his academic study but also shows him the way forward for life challenges and helps him to build soft skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and making his thinking level higher. How can this be possible when your teacher does not have such abilities and you expect guidelines from him? But there are some teachers who have potential not only to grow themselves but also they take students with them to uplift their journey also. From such motivational personalities, the one is Professor Ajmal Dass Jaipal.

Are you looking for the best website to learn IELTS from the best teacher, then you have landed on the right website. The Assistant Professor of Khawaja fareed College Ajmal Dass Jaipal,the best trainer of English language who is presently running a successful academy In Rahim yar khan “The Falcon Academy” where he is giving classes of IELTS, English Language Courses and helps students to crack their IELTS test with magnificent bands. His expertise in teaching and writing English is unmatchable.

Achievements as an IELTS teacher: Testimonials

He has an experience of teaching IELTS to multiple students belonging to different backgrounds and different age groups and trains them to score 8.0 bands. Almost 900 students have studied and learnt by Ajmal Dass Jaipal in past 10 years regarding IELTS. A student of his academy gives his remarks regarding professor’s duties that, it is a blessing to have such a cooperative teacher where you feel free to discuss any issue.

He is cooperative and dedicated towards students. His only goal is to help students in gaining success in ILETS with distinctive numbers. 30% of his students achieved 8.0 bands in previous years while the others also gained above than 6.5 bands. Is not it marvelous? Then why are you waiting for.

Go and check this link and be a part of this marvelous journey with Prof Ajmal Dass.

Ajmal Dass as a You-tuber and blogger

In addition to this, He is an international inspirational speaker and has given speeches at different forums on different topics i-e goal setting, stress management, fear management, and team work to help students to learn the best way of learning and earning. Here is the link of his YouTube channel where you can find a plenty of videos regarding upgrading your English level and soft skills.

A portfolio website is being run by professor Ajmal Dass where you can find content which will help you to score 8.0 bands in IELTS.  The students are not only satisfied but also excited with his devotional efforts and give gladding reviews for his great efforts in upbringing their level. This article gives you more information about cracking your IELTS exams by securing desired bands.

Over view of teaching philosophy, and teaching style

In today’s world, the students need teachers who have deeper understanding of subjects and can apply these things in their life. Unfortunately, with changing environment, most of the teachers have not upgraded their abilities. They fail to adapt changes in the world studying system, and as a result they not only lag far behind the world’s race but also their students as well.

Professor Ajmal Dass is one of those teachers who believe in progressive thinking and continuously upgrade themselves. He has very deep understanding of his subjects and his lectures are based on how students can apply their theoretical knowledge to achieve success.

Following qualities of Prof Ajmal Dass make him a distinguished IELTS instructor and soft skills trainer

Appreciative nature

You often find teachers continuously blaming their students for having no progress in their studies. Ajmal Dass is quite opposite from those teachers. Though he asks for the reason why the student has not completed his homework, yet he never degrades his students. He always appreciates them for their little progress and that’s how he is teaching them the biggest lesson of their lives that success does not come at once; you have to take little steps and eventually you will find your destination.

But if a student is not performing at all, he gives his best words to motivate him. Words have the power to make you and break you and that’s how he uses his words to motivate his students.

Students consider him role model for these reasons

Mostly, every teacher is a role model for his students. Whatever he says or how he behaves students set a pattern to behave in the same way. Professor Ajmal Dass knows the psychology of students, therefore he behaves in a way that students can idealize him.

The important skills that he possesses are

  • Leadership qualities
  • Time management skills
  • Knowledge of his subject
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Empathetic personality
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Classroom management skills

Let us discuss them one by one:

Leadership abilities

He has amazing leadership qualities; he knows how to lead and engage his students on different topics. He demonstrates in such a way that his students cannot be detracted from lesson, and he makes lessons enjoyable and informative at the same time.

Empathetic nature

Empathy is the ability to understand other person’s emotions and feelings. Being a teacher, to have empathetic nature is essential to know why students are not progressing. Ajmal Dass is empathetic in nature and he tries to find out the root cause of someone’s downfall.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and analyze personal thoughts and feelings. Ajmal Dass has an ability to behave professionally even under high stress level and high pressure. As a teacher this is the most important quality or skill that a person should possess because most of the time the situation is not according to what we plan. Under high stressful situations, there should be someone who can guide students and professor Ajmal Dass has this ability.

Time management skills

Because of effective time management skills, many students like him. He maintains time schedule, arrives early in class, and manages exams on time. Therefore, he is a model for his students as he knows the value of time. In-fact, he is mostly in chill mood and that shows he has great time management skills.

Problem-solving ability

Most of the time the teachers face unexpected situations. For example there can be a conflict between students or there can be technical issue. He solves these problems within no time without any stress and behaves normal. After resolving the issue he continues to do teaching. Therefore, this is important for a teacher to have such quality to ensure that he is ready to face unexpected challenges and so that the students should prepare themselves as their teachers.

Knowledge of his subject

Ajmal Dass has extensive and in-depth knowledge of his subject and knows how to combine larger ideas together and use it as in meaningful discussions. He is fluent in English language and always works on personal development.

He started his journey of teaching as a school teacher but he continued to work hard and now he is an Assistant professor of English at Govt Khawaja Fareed Graduate College and runs his own Institution as well. He has achieved other multiple achievements such as running his you-tube channel and blogging websites and also is an inspirational speaker. His journey of success is continued, as he believes that success is a journey, not a destination.

Classroom management skills

As a teacher of young students, he not only manages his classroom but also the behaviors of students. His classroom environment is always safe, welcoming, and easy which supports learning. As a teacher, he is very clear in communication and what he expects from his students. Classroom management skills and the ability to adapt various teaching styles is his specialty.

He arranges many small and big events in which learning elements are involved. For example, he comes into classroom and makes groups and says them to discuss the topic, then he sends them to stage for presentation. For students, this is thrilling and educational at the same time. He often arranges group discussions, group presentations and sometimes changes sitting arrangements which allow students to communicate with other students. That’s how students love to have different environment in class.

Qualification: Trust of students

He has the degree of MPhil in Linguistics (English) and TEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language). Along with this, he has the vast teaching experience of different schools, colleges and universities. Conducting interactive sessions on different topics with professionals is high strong area. He has been teaching English since 2007 which has given him the chance of understanding the psychology of learners at the deeper level.


In the end, I must say preparing your IELTS exam is a tough journey. This will be more difficult if you are not guided by any expert mentor. Unfortunately, you often do not see such tutor who not only guides you in academic syllabus but also plays a significant role in upbringing your motivational level.

Therefore, I recommend you the person who not only guides you in academics but also is supportive in your whole journey. The person whose qualifications are beyond words, professor AJMAL DASS JAIPALis the right person you are looking for. His leadership qualities, emotional intelligence and empathetic nature make him unique in his field.

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