Your Resume and Cover Letter

Your resume and cover letter show your career skills in written form for getting any job. Before hiring an employee, every organization tries to know deeply about the applicant and resume is an effective source to describe your both soft and hard skills along with your achievements. Now, the question arises…

 What is resume and cover letter?

A resume is a formal document that provides a brief overview of your qualification; on the other hand, a    cover letter is also a written introduction that expresses your interest and reason that you are the best possible person who is suitable for the job.

Basic things in resume

Hard and soft skills

Hard skills are those career skills which you acquire from your school or from training centers. Soft skills, on the other hand, can be developed naturally as you grow up; these can also be learnt by attending different training programs.

What is the role of hard and soft skills?

Hard and soft skills are those career skills which play a vital role in securing your job. If you have both hard and soft job skills, there are maximum chances that employers will hire you.

Most of the organizations demand soft skills along with hard skills. Your resume and cover letter show your career skills and profession. By using effective writing skills, design your resume and cover letter in an impressive way. 

Hard skills for resume

The vital hard skills, you should have and include when you write your resume and cover letter.

Technical skills

In today’s modern era, having technical skills is essential for everyone. Technical skills basically include our knowledge and expertise in the field of science, modern technology, IT, etc.

Computer skills

If you don’t have computer skills, it is very difficult for you to progress in this modern age. Like other career skills, computer skills are must in any workplace. Computer skills show your ability to use software and hardware.

Presentation skills

Most important thing which is not judged through your resume and cover letter but only in interview is your presentation skills. It tells how you deliver and present things and projects in convincing manner.

Analytical skills

If you have analytical skills, it is best for you. The basic aim of resume and cover letter is to get a job. Your way of collecting and analyzing data is very important for the progress in your career. When you add it in your resume, try to prove by demonstrating it when needed.

Management skills

To manage anything in a proper way is one of the most valuable skills. This skill can be fruitful for your selection during interview. Management skills enable you to manage your position, work or business in both normal and pressurized condition.

Marketing skills

Among the most important career skills, your marketing skills play a vital role in your career and business. Because, these skills enable you to know about marketing, scaling, advertising, etc.

Writing skills

If your job requires any type of writing skills then having basic knowledge about writing is necessary for you. Your basic knowledge about writing includes correct grammar, spelling, vocabulary and proper use of punctuation. When you have this information about writing, ultimately, your writing will improve.

Soft skills for resume

You must have these soft skills and include then in your resume if you are desirous to uplift yourself in your career.


Having communication skills is important for your normal and professional life. If you are applying for job, you must have communication skills with other career skills. Having both writing and speaking skills enable you to share your ideas clearly and effectively.


Like other soft skills, employees take teamwork skills seriously and those employers working in teams are valued very much. Teamwork skill is very helpful and important skill for employees.

Teamwork means a collaborative work within a group to solve and share different ideas. If you have this skill, then include it in your resume as a soft skill.

Time management

Managing time is one of the key soft skills. It helps you to work, solve and manage your business in a proper time. When you are applying for job and writing your resume, include this important skill. Most of the employers seek those employees who have effective time management skills.


With the changing circumstances in the world, adaptability is very important skill for everyone. This skill enables you to adopt and learn things in new and changing circumstances. While writing your resume, include this important skill because employers usually hire new staff with adaptability skills.


Priority is given to those students and employees who have creative mindset. Soft skills of creativity allow you to think about something with new idea and perspective. Employers judge your creativity by assessing how you solve the problems with new and creative ways.

Problem solving

Problem solving skills are related to your creativity. If you have creative mind then you can solve different problems. Problem solving skills help you to solve difficult situations. Problem solving skills also lead you towards leadership. This is one of the most demanding career skills in the business market.

Work ethics

Observing work ethics is a set of some moral and formal principles. With good work ethics, you know how to manage and work being successful employees.

Important work ethics for career skill are:

  • Honesty
  • Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Fair and respect
  • Productivity and character