IELTS Vocabulary

Scoring high bands in IELTS is the dream of every student who is interested to appear in IELTS exams: either academic or general, but for the fulfilment of this desire, proper understanding and command of the English language is mandatory. Dear learners, keep in mind that among the very basic things in English learning, the fundamental one is vocabulary, because without words how you can express your feelings and ideas in the best possible way.

For the students of IELTS to improve vocabulary, 4 step formula is highly effective which is as follows:

Listen a lot

Among the four basic skills of English, listening skill is primary receptive skill which plays a very significant role in taking you at the next level of English. During listening, write down those words which are unknown to you, but keep in mind that context of this use should be mentioned to prepare yourself for the appropriate use.

Read native writers

Reading newspapers, novels and articles improves your vocabulary to a greater extent. When you read any article that has diagram or picture, it becomes easy for you to guess the meanings of unfamiliar words. With the passage of time, this skill is sharpened leading you to predict the sense of those words that have no clues like images and drawings etc. Later on, this reading skill supports you in solving the different types of questions in reading and listening portion of IELTS.

Write words in your notebook

Some writers suggest to keep the record of these words in your laptop or pc, but I suggest to write in your notebook, as it imprints the words in your mind. But, if you want to take computer based IELTS, you ought to use such devices which will sharpen your computer skills.

Revise and use these words in context

The last step in making new words the part of your active vocabulary is to revise and use these words in your speaking and writing modules. The proven rule that practice makes a man permanent is applicable in this scenario.

Dear learner, I do hope this data regarding IELTS vocabulary will help you to solve your challenges regarding the use of appropriate words at suitable place.