As human beings, we have some special strong points which can lead us to success; we also have some weak points which prevent us from being successful. But if we strengthen our good or strong points, then overcoming our weaknesses will no more be a challenge. We become even better and better if we improve our weak points which mean academic weaknesses.

Here I will talk about different kinds of academic strengths; we might have which will help in overcoming academic weaknesses. Also, we will see that how we can identify our academic strengths.

Academic strengths are usually personal characteristics that make you extraordinary from others while learning. Sometimes, the academic strengths are inborn but don’t worry if you do not have the required traits because the study skills can also be developed. You can develop academic skills through hard work and dedication.

Inborn strengths are those which make you successful without too much practice. These characteristics make you stand out and be different from others and in this way you can easily identify your study skills.

Some of the academic strengths are as follows.


Self-discipline is a strong tool to overcome your academic weaknesses. Self-discipline is the most important attribute for success. Children with self-discipline are always more successful than others. It helps them in overcoming difficulties and coming out of their comfort zone. It prevents them from distracting and maintaining their focus.

As it is said that personal victory leads to public victory; i.e., self-discipline leads you to higher level success -both in personal and academic field.

Learn from mistakes

Children who learn from mistakes have more chances to get success by overcoming academic weaknesses. They always get a lesson from mistakes and improve themselves. Admit all your mistakes and work on the solution.

Mistakes are an opportunity to learn if you admit them. Failures or mistakes are not always bad. Keep in mind that failures are the part of success; not opposite to success.

Solving the problems

You should have an attitude of solving the problems. Learn to face the music of the world instead of running away. Having excellent problem-solving skills can make you stand out from the crowd.

Creative thinking to overwhelm academic weaknesses

You should have the ability to think differently. You don’t need to see the problem just as others do. You may see it in another way and find a different solution. You can’t always solve the problems with the same method. Some problems require different strategies to be followed.

Creative thinking to overwhelm academic weaknesses

In this context, “six thinking hats” by Edward de Bono is the one of the best books to give you the idea of creative thinking to solve the problems.


Listening skill is the most important factor for effective learning. The more you listen, the more you learn. If you can listen to others carefully, you can learn more than others easily.  It is a key to effective communication.


Reading is important because it improves your analytical abilities. It develops the mind and gives you the knowledge for being successful. It helps in reducing stress and makes you more empathetic. The most important attribute of reading is that it strengthens the muscles of the brain. Careful reading is a sure way to overcome academic weaknesses and paves the way of academic success.


Planning skills are the most important techniques to succeed in studies.  Planning skills help you in managing things. These skills also help you in managing your time. You can achieve your goals at the right time, and for that, planning is required. Planning is like a map that properly guides you on what, when and why to do without any confusion.

Above are some of the academic skills. Certainly, you already might have some of those skills or some other skills, identify your skills and improve them through hard work and practice. They will help you in making rapid progress in sharpening your academic strengths.