Anger Management

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Meta Description: Anger management techniques that help in dealing with depression and frustration. In addition, they make you more patient and calmer. Learn more

Table of Contents
Learn anger management before it ruins your life
1. Observe Anger Provoking Signs and Stop the Conversation
2. Take Deep Breaths and Countdown
3. Exercise and Relax your Muscles
4. Reframe your Thoughts
5. Consider Meditation to Escape the Reality Conclusion

Learn anger management before it ruins your life

Among various life skills, anger management is also a skill that can make life anxiety, depression, and frustration-free or at least can recede them. In contrast, anger mismanagement may lead to catastrophic consequences in one’s life, such as weakening relationships with family and friends or impairing one’s mental and psychological health. Lack of temper management skills might also cause yelling at someone, damaging property, threatening people around, expressing rage aggressively, sending provoking emails, and the rest.

Typically, people recognize anger as a negative and unhealthy emotion. However, the reality is the contrary. Anger is a positive and healthy emotion unless it is unhindered. This article describes the best ways to manage temper, keeping it a positive emotion. Here is what to do when you are or going to go angry. These techniques may feel simple for anger management, but can be very effective to control your worst enemy- anger.

Observe Anger Provoking Signs and Stop the Conversation

Before a conversation triggers anger, you should look for signs that can shorten your fuse. For example, if you lose your temper over some political talk, you can either stop talking or change the topic. Alternatively, you can calm yourself by giving no response.

Take Deep Breaths and Countdown

During anger, breathing rate and heartbeat increase alongside blood pressure. Slowing down respiration reduces heart rate and hypertension which ultimately cool your anger. Moreover, counting from ten to one calms the brain because it diverges attention. If you are too furious, counting from ten may not work to control anger. In such a situation, you can increase the counting up to 100.

Exercise and Relax your Muscles

When you are angry, exercise or sports can serve as a calming medium. They shift your focus and may help release endorphins in your brain. Endorphins decrease blood pressure and arouse positive feelings. Furthermore, relaxing progressive and tense muscles is also a good practice. You can apply Jacobson’s relaxation technique or progressive muscle relaxation to relax your muscles. Here is the brief procedure of the latter approach.

  • Firstly, focus on a group of muscles to relax them.
  • Secondly, tense your muscles for four to ten seconds as you breathe in.
  • Thirdly, abruptly release all the muscles as you breathe out and relax them for ten to twenty seconds.
  • Finally, count from five to one and shift your focus to normal.

Reframe your Thoughts

Human thoughts have fundamental place in interacting with people or responding to events around them. To illustrate, some people hold radical views because they believe in innovations. Similarly, short-tempered persons’ mood swings instantly over minor and incidental things like seeing a flattened car tire. Therefore, one must restructure one’s thoughts to control anger.

To reframe thoughts,

  • First of all, start noticing the factors that fume you. Let’s say dense traffic irritates and makes you furious.
  • Second, evaluate the situation and try solving the concerned issue. If you cannot do it, ask yourself why you are enraged at things you cannot control.
  • Finally, practice and calm yourself by counting slowly from 10 to 1.

Alternatively, you can see a psychiatrist and adopt Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or escape from reality.

Consider Meditation to Escape the Reality

Meditation is amongst the most effective solutions for anger management. It not only empties but also consoles the brain. Thus, it reduces stress and lowers the temper. The best way to control anger is to escape reality by following the given steps.

  • First, pick a quiet, calm, distraction-free place. It may be your room, garden, park, or beach.
  • Second, put on comfy clothes, and sit comfortably.
  • Third, close your eyes to increase your focus.
  • Finally, while concentrating on your breaths, imagine tranquility. For example, you can visualize that you are on a travel, exploring the mountains, hiking, and enjoying yourself.

Here are three more methods to escape reality.


In conclusion, the absence of anger management skills can affect one’s life adversely, and one can face awful outcomes. Keep in mind that you may not feel like coming out of your angry situation, but it might destroy your life to an irreparable extent. But, luckily the techniques discussed above, such as meditating, shifting focus, and reframing thoughts, could save one.