Role of parents

In this universe, two personalities whose impact puts an inerasable and everlasting impression in the life of a child are parents and teachers. So, the role of parents and teachers is of utmost importance in shaping the personality of child by showing good parenting.

Dear parent! You know it very well that female parent is supposed to be the first university of child as small baby learns the basic values of life from mother. Both mom and dad are the right and left wheels of a vehicle taking child on some destination which can be either on the highest peak or in the lowest ditch depending on the ethics, codes and values being followed by parents.

Talking about the role of parents, one thing which is the most valuable during the process of effective parenting is their own character which child imitates as a model. The most important and precious activity in this beautiful universe is parenting in a successful manner.

Some parents might not have thought about effective parenting in such a way; but, I suggest you, as a parent, to do so. Thinking, planning and taking actions about learning how to be a good parent has the potential to change your parenting which ultimately will change your whole life making it more colorful and happy.

I, Ajmal Dass Jaipal, am the father of four kids and many nieces and nephews having a lot of practical hands on experience in parenting. I love to learn, teach and share about effective parenting techniques and strategies.

So, be ready to learn the different roles of parents in a child’s life. Are you ready?

Let’s move forward……

Provide constructive environment

Great parents provide constructive environment to their children as they know the worth of environment where they are growing. They know that seeds are grown into plants and later on, trees when they are provided suitable environment essential to expose all the potential qualities of seeds.

Great parents not only provide healthy environment at home but also take care of the company where their children spend their time studying, playing and enjoying. Such parents are performing the role of authoritative parents. They also know how to maintain balance between responsiveness and demandingness, and avoid being authoritarian parents who are example of bad parenting.

Teach social and emotional regulation skills

You, as a parent, ought to train your child in social and emotional regulation skills. In the current age of 21st century, the people who are master of emotional intelligence succeed more as compared to those who are lagging far behind in this skill.

Knowledge and regulation of your own emotions and those of others is a sure way of getting higher level success and you, as a good parent, ought to understand this secret of good parenting. This thing also makes you either a smart parent or an average parent.

Biological, moral and financial support

Fulfilling the basic needs of child is the foremost role of parents and in this regard, you ought to be ready to use their finances by showing open heartedness. Sometimes, child faces some challenges in any field of life and she needs moral support to come out of the well of pessimism and hopelessness. In this scenario, role of parents is to encourage the child by giving moral and financial support.

With the passage of time, child will realize the importance and worth of your support and would try to prove herself your best friend. This connectivity with the child is the sign of effective parenting.

Provide “Big Window” to see the world

“Big window” means the way of observing the world which might be either optimistic or pessimistic or the combination of both.

You would have observed that if the window of your room is small, your child will be able to see the small portion of world. Contrary to that, having big window will enable your child to see many things including unlimited sky. This single thing has the power to see the world in totally different way.

Parents make child independent

Great parents don’t make their child dependent; they try their level best to make them independent. As you know that life is the name of taking decisions at different times, teaching child how to take right decisions is the essence of effective parenting.

It has also been observed that some parents, deliberately, keep their child dependent keep the fear factor in their mind. Such parents think that their child would leave them alone if she became independent. Such thinking of parents can have disastrous effect on the growth, exposure and career, stopping them to be the eagle of unlimited sky, just making them hens and cocks.

Parents-the best friends of child

The role of parents is multifold- leader, mentor, friend and motivator. Every person needs true friends and your child is also not exempted from this category. You might have listened to that company has its own impact; same is true with friends.

Being a parent , grab a practical suggestion that your successful and healthy parenting will build a healthy relationship leading towards intimacy and friendship between you and your child. The main advantage of this relation will be in the form of effective communication which is the basis of strong relationships. Because of this, your child will share everything with you and you would be able to support and guide her in different challenges of life both as a mentor and friend.

Different phases of childhood and role of parents

As your child grows older, the way of parenting also changes keeping the different physical, mental and emotional changes in mind. Early childhood requires different parenting strategies and parenting skills while teenage is totally different from the initial phases of childhood because of growth at physical, mental, emotional and psychological.

Successful and effective parents know it and keep on modifying themselves by keeping magnetic role of parents.