setting goals And solving Problems

Solving problems is the act of defining the problem, observing its causes, finding out its solutions and applying those solutions in the required area. Setting Goals

We face problems every day at school, at home and in our relationships. Having the skill to deal with all these challenges is the most useful skill as it benefits you every day. The ability to find better ways to handle the problem is also good for our mental health.

A good plan is to start is by setting goals. First set few things you would like to achieve and then work on the steps required to get there and set timeframes.  Be inspired and stick to your objectives.

Why is setting goals necessary?

Setting goal by following the techniques of smart goals and taking steps to achieve them is the most important skill, required for success in college. Setting no goals results in low motivation and poor performance. The outcome of low performance is often in the form of low grades, discouragement and frustration.

Setting goals and making efforts for achieving them not only improves performance but also gives motivation and direction.

The major step is to master the skill of setting goals and find ways and do planning to achieve them. Set your priorities and write down your goals to achieve by following time management techniques. By setting goals, you enjoy the following benefits

Benefits of setting goals in studies

  • Goals push you forward and give you tangible impetus to improve your weak areas also known as areas to be improved. Even setting smaller goals and achieving those leads to the achievement of a big purpose. Define your strong and weak areas and set goals to improve your weaknesses.
  • Goals do not let you distract from the path even if you fail. Your goals give you spur and keep you going on towards your definite designed destination.
  • Setting goals maintain your focus and do not let you waste your time. You can determine what needs to be done and how much time is required to do specific work.
  • Setting specific and written goals help in defining what is important and what is not. They help you in defining where to start and when are the efforts required for making an impact. Focus on what makes an impact leading to success and happiness.
  • Goals motivate us to develop strategies to perform better that leads to attainment.

Achieving your objectives by setting goals require self-discipline and effort. Success is achieved when you come out of your comfort zone and struggle for it.

How to develop a positive attitude

Living a happy and better life requires a positive attitude. Every day may not be perfect as you want but there is always something worth enjoying. It’s our attitude that decides how good or bad the day might be. Building a positive attitude is important to live a happy life. Keep the state of your mind positive and your attitude will follow.

There are plenty of ways to develop your positive attitude. Here are a few to help you get started.

  • Get pleasure in the little things of life. Don’t wait for a big success to make you happy. Feel the simple things in life; know their value and you will feel happy.
  • Don’t think always about your benefit, sometimes you should work as a volunteer. Sometimes, do some things to help others which will ultimately make you happy.
  • Practice the positive things in your daily life. Find your strengths and opportunities to stay motivated and to enhance your self-confidence.
  • Balance your study with fun so that you may spare some time to re-energize yourself. Studying all the time through the class, library, making notes or taking tests can make you feel disturbed mentally. Make a list of your favorite stress relievers: it might be exercise, watching a movie, listening to music or anything that can make you feel relaxed. Take breaks during the study by following Pomodoro technique so that you can be productive and stay focused.