For effective parenting, three things are the most important: knowledge about effective parenting, parenting skills and positive attitude regarding life, parenting and this world. Knowledge is power was the common belief in the past but now it is said that knowledge is potential power. It becomes real power when applied practically in the form of different parenting skills.

Adding it, having a lot of knowledge and parenting skills may be useless if positive attitude is missing from your parenting.

Let us get the knowledge of some key parenting skills maintaining positive attitude while nurturing children.

Some key parenting skills

Following are the most important parenting skills to assist you in the process of your parenting journey.

Help your child explore hidden talent

The best gift from your side as a parent is to motivate your child in exploring her hidden talent. Being a parent, it should be your belief that every child is born genius. You just help her in tapping that area of life by giving exposure to life because without exposure, your child would not be able to identify her core potential.

I personally have met such people who thought to change their profession in forties and fifties because they were not enjoying their current occupation. They adopted that profession randomly just for the sake of earning and status and when they got all these things, they found life dull and boring.

Your child ought not to be the victim of that challenge as it makes her life, a life depicting meaninglessness and chaos.

You can take help from the concept of 9 types of intelligence by Gardener to find the core potential of your child.

Express love to your child

Love needs expression also but it has been observed that parents mostly cannot express their love to their children. Normally, you are quite expressive in your circle of friends and colleagues but you avoid that thing when you are in your own family. Change yourself if you have such habits. But, if you exhibit your feelings of love and affection with your children and other family members, you are great. Congratulations to you.

Teach your child how to relax

In the pursuit of success and achievements, your child might forget to relish the essence of happiness and satisfaction. Attitude of gratitude is the blessing of Nature; so, enjoy it as soon as possible and as much as possible by becoming a torch bearer for your child.

Showing gratitude what your child has achieved has the power to fill your child’s life with true happiness.

Appreciate your child (Parenting Skills)

During parenting journey, your child is doing such activities which are praise worthy along with some condemnable tasks. Here starts critical moment of your parenting: you can appreciate your child and depreciate also.

Before taking any action, keep in mind that whatever you focus on, increases. So, take good decision of focusing good things done by your child and appreciating her as much as is possible.

Among different parenting skills, this skill is of much importance as it shows your positive attitude towards your parenting process.

Change is an opportunity to upgrade

Teach your child that nothing is permanent but change. Normally, when some change comes in normal routine, we react against it but successful people don’t react; they respond by having positive attitude. As a parent, if you are successful in taking any in a positive way, your child will adopt it following you and she will start enjoying every segment of life.

Be a good role model for your child

Most of the parents seem astonished while expressing that their children don’t follow their instructions while psychology says that your actions matter for your child, not your words. If you are serious about your child’s life and career, deeply observe your thinking, habits and actions. Do your actions match with your pieces of advice which you give to your child?

In case of any discrepancy between your words and actions, work on your actions and things will start changing as the time passes.

Avoid abusing and scolding

Environment in your home and family affects your child; so, try your level best to provide constructive environment to your child. Positive environment works very well in the same way as flow of water in the right direction increased the speed of the boat.

Children living in the environment of scolding and abusing remain fearful and less confident which hamper their journey of success and happiness.

So, avoid abusing and scolding culture in your family as much as is possible.

Present yourself as a good decision maker

Tony Robbins says that decisions determine destinies. All the parenting skills are significant at their own place but taking right decision at the right time leads to success and easiness. You teach your child how to take decisions without delaying because you may lose opportunity if your child is habitual of procrastination.

Many people don’t take decisions because they are fearful of taking wrong decisions. So, teach your child to take decisions by taking small decisions of daily life and facing the consequences of those decisions as well. A time will come when she will take big and right decisions which are the key to success and happiness.

Teach your child to think positive

Difficult time comes on all, some become great while others become small is my philosophy of positive thinking. Positive thinking is a skill which can be learnt by effort.

You might have observed that in the same region, some people are playing blame games while others accept the responsibility and achieve the set goals. During the covid-19 pandemic situation prevailing in the whole world, some people committed suicides by demonstrating negative thinking while others found different ways to exist.

One of my friends, Mr. Mumtaz sold masks to earn money; even though he was a teacher in a private school. As school could not pay because of some crisis, he managed the tough situation by adopting positive thinking.

Teach your child positive thinking and help her spending a beautiful life.

Inculcate success beliefs in your child

“Man is what he believes” is a very beautiful quote by Chekov which tells us the importance of beliefs. Infusing success beliefs in your child ought to be your top level priority as they are quite helpful for your child to be a successful personality.

Soft skills-soul of balanced life (Parenting Skills)

Among the different parenting skills, soft skills are very important for a successful and happy life because soft skills are the essence of a great and motivated life.

Dear parent, goal setting, thinking clearly and positively, showing consistency in difficult times, positive attitude etc. are some examples of soft skills.

You know that in this modern age, in spite of scientific progress and many luxuries of life, still, there is uneasiness and sadness in our children which can be improved by inculcating soft skills in children.

So, be a role model of these soft skills and your child will follow you with the passage of time.

Manage your trauma urgently

Some parents keep on shifting their trauma in their children and make them unhappy.

Dear parent, if you have faced trauma in your life in any form, specifically emotional, heal it as soon as is possible as it will help your child enjoying a trauma less life.

Contrary to this, in case of any emotional disturbance that your child faces in any case, support and coach her to come out of this situation.

Train your child to build rapport

Man is a social animal and your child also deserves to learn sociality in the best possible way. Rapport building is amongst the best parenting skills to have a successful social and professional life.

Every profession rather every phase of life needs rapport building; so, train your child for social life by giving exposure of society and the world.

Rapport building is one the parenting skills that work as a lubricant for your child to run the vehicle of your child’s life on the runway of life.

In a nutshell (Parenting Skills)

In this article about parenting skills, role modeling, accepting change, inculcating soft skills, managing trauma situation and expressing your love fully and often are some of the main parenting skills.

Follow these parenting skills and help your child enjoying a successful and happy life.